Easy Upgrades To Make Your Bathroom Feel Brand New

If you have started to feel very underwhelmed when you look at your bathroom, this could mean it’s time for some upgrades. However, you may be hesitating because you think bathroom upgrades are time-consuming and expensive. If so, you’ll be glad to learn there are many ways you can improve your bathroom that is budget-friendly and easy to do, even as weekend DIY projects. If you’re ready to make your bathroom look and feel new, here are some easy upgrades you can try.

Install a Pedestal Sink

If you have a small bathroom and would love to have a bit more space, consider installing a pedestal sink. Along with looking very elegant, this sink will instantly give you plenty of additional space in which to move about your bathroom.

Down with the Curtain, Up with the Door

If you happen to have a shower curtain in your bathroom, you know all too well that when you take a shower, the rest of your bathroom is also getting pretty wet. Rather than have a mess to clean up, consider taking down your flimsy shower curtain and replacing it with a shower door. Easier to install than you might think, you can give it a try on your own and soon have a very dry bathroom following your shower.

Replace Your Bathroom Faucet

If you don’t need to replace your bathroom sink, you may instead want to consider replacing the faucet. Like many bathrooms, yours may contain a faucet that may be decades old and far past its prime. If so, say goodbye to your old, leaky faucet and instead look to Kingston Kitchen and Bath for a new and beautiful faucet.

Tile Your Floor

When you really want to make an upgrade to your bathroom that will be long-lasting, look great, and give the room an entirely new look, think about putting down new floor tile. Once you start looking at various tiles for your bathroom, you will discover you can select from ceramic or porcelain tiles in all kinds of colors and designs. Best of all, these tiles can also be made to resemble many other types of materials and surfaces, including marble. A relatively easy DIY project that won’t bust your budget, a new bathroom floor will be a great upgrade.


Whether you do only one upgrade or embark on a big-time upgrading of your bathroom, you will soon be taking a shower in a bathroom that will be elegant and stylish.

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