Entertainment Time: 5 Steps to Getting Your Home Ready for Company

Once you move into a new home and make it yours, one of the first things most people want to do is invite people over. It’s really nice to have people over so that you can entertain, have fun and make new memories. However, before you invite anyone over, you’ll want to make sure your home is ready for company. Try these five tips to always be ready for company.


Find out if your guests have any allergies or dietary restrictions. This will help you to be as nutritionally considerate as possible. It’s a good idea to prepare some dishes ahead of time and keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. If you don’t have time to cook, go to the local grocery store’s hot food bar and purchase a few dishes.


When people stay overnight, they obviously need to shower and sleep. Make sure to have clean towels, washcloths, and bed linens for them. It’s a good idea to set aside linens that are only used by guests. Purchase all-white linens and towels. Wash them in hot water and always use bleach as well.


Cleanliness is essential. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a cleaning service, make sure your home is spotless and smells good. There’s nothing more unnerving than being a guest and feeling uncomfortable because everything seems unsanitary. Your guests should never leave with bed bugs or an encounter with bugs or rodents. Stay on top of an infestation by calling a bed bug exterminator to come in and inspect the home.


In 2022, it’s no secret that when most people come to your home, they want access to the WiFi code. Don’t be embarrassed with slow draggy internet. You will want your guests to enjoy top-notch amenities. Offering high-speed internet with the help of something like one of these great Hughesnet internet plans will allow your guests to quickly handle an urgent matter at work or make a quick video call to the kids. Keep the WiFi code, an extra house key, and an extension cord readily available. The guest room, also include a space heater, a fan, and an alarm clock nearby. Other amenities to include in the room are an electric kettle, an iron, and an ironing board. A few snacks like chips, chocolate, and bottled water are always a nice addition.

Royal Treatment

There are certain details you can include to make a guest feel extremely welcomed. If your subdivision only comes with one reserved parking space, leave it for your guests. If you know that your guests will be coming in later than usual, leave a light on for them and keep a scented candle burning for them. These types of details are just kind and considerate.

A wise person once said that if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. It’s best to always be prepared. If you’re intentional about these five steps, your home will be in great shape. As you continue to entertain guests, you’ll learn new ways to be more hospitable. Before long, your home will the go-to home for all the entertaining parties, sleepovers and fun!

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