Organizing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

by Stacey Shannon

Sloppy bachelorette parties aren’t for everyone…Celebrate your bride creatively and make memories you’ll actually have the next morning!

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to be the maid of honor. You love the bride, are honored to be a part of her big day and will make it perfect for her, no matter what. She chose YOU for a reason. But suddenly you have a list of important tasks to do, including making decisions, solving crisis moments,… and having tons of tissues for your precious friend. You are now an event manager, psychologist, and fairy godmother – all in one. But you don’t have to be afraid! You’re up for the job! It can be a very demanding role between the showers, parties, wardrobe decisions, and detail-juggling, but fear not – you will have an amazing experience that you will never forget. (I know from personal experience.)

Organizing the perfect bachelorette party is the hardest part for every maid of honor. You have to respect the bride’s wishes and find the perfect balance of activities that will make everyone have a great time. Bachelorette parties are quite popular nowadays…at first, they were reserved for guys only. But we know the truth: girls just want to have fun! (And come on ladies, we do it a little bit better too.) Bachelor parties are all about booze and shenanigans all over the town. Ladies know how to get creative. We know you don’t have to get drunk to have fun. It is all about being authentic to the bride and yourself by doing the things that make you happy. In this article, we won’t stick to cliches like a beefcake male stripper dressed as a fireman to spice things up, gallons of champagne flowing all over the place, glowing tiaras, or wearing jewelry that’s, ahem, peculiarly shaped. Nope! Let’s find more interesting ways to have fun, alcohol-free. It is possible, we promise!

Movie night

Now, who can say no to a great movie night? Gorgeous movie stars combined with great food and your favorite girl squad surrounding you in a private viewing? Yes, please. As a maid of honor, you can create a short online survey to find out the gang’s personal favorites and what type of snacks everyone likes. You can’t go wrong with popcorn soaked in butter and ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Pick a theme for the night. Stick to a classic love story and cry your eyes out – try ‘’Titanic’’, ‘’When Harry Met Sally’’, ‘’A Walk to Remember’’, ‘’Gone with the Wind’’, ‘’Casablanca’’ or even “Romeo + Juliet.” Or pick your favorite “Channing Tatum dances in this” film or “Ryan Gosling smirks in this” film. Or go retro and put “Dirty Dancing” or “Breakfast Club” in. It’s really up to you. Set a comfy mood with cushions and warm blankets. Later that night you can talk, just like in the good old days when you were having sleepovers. In the morning, plan for a delicious homemade brunch with the bride and you will feel refreshed with new memories made, feeling closer than ever.

Exploring your city… in style

When you grow up in the big city, there is always something more to explore: a new neighborhood popping up with great eats or an old haunt that now has great new shops. Of course, you also have your own personal favorites in your city and places that mean a lot to your bride…so why not do a staycation for your crew?  You can organize a city tour, visit all your favorite places, and even explore new sites–all in one night. Write down all your precious places that have important moments tied to them and create an interactive map of your trip. For example: where did the bridal party meet for the first time? Where did your best friend meet her future husband? What is that place where you realized that you would be there for each other forever? By making a tour, you can relive the good times you’ve had together and make some more.  Pro tip: Rent a bachelorette party bus for this special occasion. Make your bride feel special by surrounding her with her favorite people and letting the party bus take her on her own Greatest Hits tour. Revisit your special history in an unforgettable way. Of course, you better finish your city tour trip the best way possible. Find some public art and have a fabulous photo shoot with you and your girls. You better post some evidence of the most gorgeous bridal party that’s ever existed!

Afternoon tea party

A bachelorette tea party in your backyard – it’s finally time to bring out that one tea set you been saving your entire life for a special occasion! (And what occasion could be more special than this?!) This option is great for a party that includes lots of different ages. Tell everyone to wear a fascinator and embrace their inner Kate Middleton. Under the blue sky, you can organize all sorts of activities to make this bachelorette tea party the classiest and sassiest event these dames have ever attended. Add more to the mix: you can make picture collages, decorate cupcakes, make little crafts, or even have a croquet game. Of course, the real perk here are the tasty pastries, scones, and croissants that are required at all tea parties. How lovely to be able to talk with your friends and enjoy the party with every sense, instead of screaming over loud music and being shoved by the crowds at a busy bar. A bachelorette tea party is a perfect way to help calm everyone down before the big day – and show the true importance of friendship.

Nature is calling

Last but not least…Go camping! (I know, I know, hear me out!) Exploring nature, getting active, and breathing actual fresh air could be just the kind of survival skills your bride should be practicing before the big crazy day (kidding). Slow down in a neverending green paradise, sleep outdoors in a cozy tent, and tell stories by the campfire. I do not recommend this for a first-time camper bride; but for an adventurous bride, go for it! It might even make you all feel like Lara Croft, exploring the secrets of the ancient times.  Practicing teamwork is a great opportunity for bonding with your friends. Like life, hiking and climbing are always better when you have someone to watch your back and make you laugh on the journey… you know, in case of grizzly bears, mountain lions, or crazy ex-boyfriends (kidding again).

When your bachelorette party is all done and the fun has been had, you will be tired like never before– but you will be happy and satisfied because you threw the party that was right for your bride. Hopefully, these ideas will help you celebrate your girl authentically and cement the bridal party as best friends forever. The other bonus? You can think about a career in event management now because your bachelorette party organizing skills are proven to be excellent!


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