6 Reasons to Hire A Limo for Your Airport Transfer

Going travelling tends to focus the mind on the ultimate destination, but your airport transfers can impact on the whole occasion. A bad transfer experience can put you into a bad mood, worsen your stress and even make you regret taking the trip at all! Here are six reasons how hiring a limo for your airport transfers can make your travel connections smooth and seamless.

So Much Space

Limos are large vehicles with capacious storage. You will be able to stow all your luggage neatly and in an easily accessible manner, so you are not cursing and sweating as you try to remember which bag is holding the all-important passports and plane tickets. Limos can carry up to ten people at a time, so even the largest family can be seated in comfort. Do let the limo company know, when you book your transport on the NJ limo website, if your family is large and travelling with a lot of luggage.

Waiting For You

Once you have booked your limo, there is no chance that any opportunistic person can ‘steal’ your ride in the way that taxis are sometimes gazumped from under the noses of the person who called in to request a cab. Your limo driver will only allow you to access the vehicle, and he or she will make sure that they are ready and waiting for you in good time, whether it is before your flight, during an interconnecting journey or at your final destination. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that the limo hire fee is a fixed price: there is no chance that the driver suddenly decides to double or even treble his or her fee following a surge in demand.

Can Be Cheaper!

The thought that a limo might be cheaper than driving yourself is something of a mind-boggler. However, if you consider the first option: leaving the car at home, using public transport to get to the airport (which can include several buses, a train, and some walking – all of which are a pain when you are carrying all your luggage with you), this will seem like the cheap option. Until you multiply it by the number of people in your party. Even just twenty dollars per trip per person loses its charm when multiplied by a five- or six-person family over three different trips: that’s $360 to get you to the airport, hot, cross and tired, with arm aches and bruises from your suitcases bashing into your ankles…

The second option is driving yourself, complete with family and luggage, in your own car, directly to the airport. At which point you come up against the immovable object of long-term parking, which can add up to hundreds of dollars over a couple of weeks.

Take this same sum of money and apply it to the sheer pleasure of having a limo come to your door, help you load up all your suitcases and hand luggage, transport you smoothly to the airport in excellent time to make your flight, with the same process happening in reverse upon your return – what a pleasure and money well spent!

Up-To-Date Info

Limo drivers understand that airport transfers can be fraught occasions, with long check-in times, even lengthier security checks, and sometimes a delay caused by the sheer volume of travelers. Therefore, when they know they are on an airport run, they will monitor the airport’s status from their vehicles, receiving alerts and information so they will know exactly what is going on with your flight. Limo drivers tend to know their areas exceptionally well too, and can often find a short-cut where long-term residents would swear there isn’t one, giving them an even better chance of getting you to the airport in time.

Good Impression

If you are going to a high-status meeting, arriving in a chauffeur-driven limo can create a wonderfully stately effect, letting your business associates know that you are not someone to be trifled with! You will also have the time and space to refresh your outfit and your face (a refreshing face wipe, putting on your carefully stored jacket, or, if needed, applying a bit of make-up to enliven your look, in the limo, while the driver just focuses on getting you there on time.

Hospitality Included

If your limo ride is a blessed moment of peace during a hectic day, you can ask for hospitality to be included. This means that you will be provided with something to eat and drink if you have missed a meal, iced water on a sweltering day, or even champagne on a particularly cheery day.


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