Organizing the Perfect Bachelorette Party

by Stacey Shannon

Sloppy bachelorette parties aren’t for everyone…Celebrate your bride creatively and make memories you’ll actually have the next morning!

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to be the maid of honor. You love the bride, are honored to be a part of her big day and will make it perfect for her, no matter what. She chose YOU for a reason. But suddenly you have a list of important tasks to do, including making decisions, solving crisis moments,… and having tons of tissues for your precious friend. You are now an event manager, psychologist, and fairy godmother – all in one. But you don’t have to be afraid! You’re up for the job! It can be a very demanding role between the showers, parties, wardrobe decisions, and detail-juggling, but fear not – you will have an amazing experience that you will never forget. (I know from personal experience.)

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