Top Benefits, Uses, and Care Tips When Buying a Hot Tub 

To see a hot tub merely as a small and warm swimming pool is to miss the considerable benefits that can come from using a hot tub. In fact, having a hot tub is like having a personal spa at your home that you can visit whenever you’d like. By understanding more fully some of the perks of owning a hot tub, you’ll be likely to use it more often.

Improves Blood Flow

One important benefit of using a hot tub is that it helps improve your blood flow. As the water raises your body’s temperature, it helps to open up blood vessels, thus increasing the rate at which blood can flow through. This can help your body repair itself from minor injuries that you sustain throughout the day.

Offers Buoyancy

If you have pain anywhere in your body, hot tubs can provide an effective temporary solution to the pain. Since you will be buoyant in the water, weight-bearing joints will be able to relax. Thus, a hot tub provides a place for you to finally get some pain relief so that your body can unwind, hopefully to the point that you can drift off to sleep after you exit the hot tub and climb into bed.

Watch Sanitizer Levels

Given the warm environment of a hot tub, it is vital that you keep your sanitizer levels in check. Otherwise, mold could quickly find its way into every hidden corner of your hot tub, requiring hours of back-breaking work to remove. For chlorine, optimal levels are approximately three parts-per-million, while bromine levels should be at five parts-per-million.

Temperature Is Vital

When using a hot tub, it’s important to watch both your temperature and the temperature of the hot tub. Ideally, you don’t want to spend more than 10 to 15 minutes in a hot tub when it’s at the average temperature of between 100 to 102 degrees. Any longer than this could cause your body temperature to rise to unsafe levels to the point that certain bodily functions are impaired. Fortunately, most hot tubs have timers to let you know exactly when it’s time to get out.

Consider Power Requirements

There are a lot of hot tub functions that require a significant amount of power to operate. Therefore, before you have a hot tub installed, it’s a good idea to have an electrician examine your home’s electrical system to make sure it can handle the extra load. An electrician can also install the necessary power hookups to make setting up your new hot tub a breeze.

Getting a hot tub has a lot of elements to consider, both for your home and for how you’re going to use it. Make sure to get the research done ahead of time so that you can correctly install and safely use your hot tub should you decide to buy one.

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