Masterful Bath: 4 Trends That Could Inspire Your Dream Family Bathroom

The bathroom is a room in the home that sometimes gets overlooked when you begin to remodel. It’s a room that is used by everyone in the family at some point during the day and possibly by a few guests who visit. Keep in mind some of the top trends for the year that could inspire your dream bathroom from the floor to the ceiling.

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10 Easy Hacks for a Simple Yet Well-Designed Bathroom

Guest post contributed by Katie Jones

Planning our dream bathroom always takes time and effort. We always have second thoughts on how to transform it into a wondrous place. The bathroom is where we spend the least time but absorb most of our attention to it.

Our day starts and ends in the bathroom. This is where we get to relax, unwind, release all the stress and problems that we have accumulated over the day. So we should at least give it a fresh and fabulous look. Here are 10 easy and functional hacks that will aid you in conveying a simple yet stylistic bathroom.

1. Transform cold tile floors into a warm one with a do-it-yourself rug.

All you need is a little creativity together with the yarn and non-stick mat. These mats are not only there to add style but for safety as well. Non-stick mats are very useful in preventing falling accidents in wet areas in your bathroom.
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