10 Easy Hacks for a Simple Yet Well-Designed Bathroom

Guest post contributed by Katie Jones

Planning our dream bathroom always takes time and effort. We always have second thoughts on how to transform it into a wondrous place. The bathroom is where we spend the least time but absorb most of our attention to it.

Our day starts and ends in the bathroom. This is where we get to relax, unwind, release all the stress and problems that we have accumulated over the day. So we should at least give it a fresh and fabulous look. Here are 10 easy and functional hacks that will aid you in conveying a simple yet stylistic bathroom.

1. Transform cold tile floors into a warm one with a do-it-yourself rug.

All you need is a little creativity together with the yarn and non-stick mat. These mats are not only there to add style but for safety as well. Non-stick mats are very useful in preventing falling accidents in wet areas in your bathroom.

2. Put your favorite quote behind a stenciled-lyric shower curtain.

It can help keep you motivated each day and is also a simplistic yet eye-catching design.

3. Make a do-it-yourself pebble bath mat

This type of mat immediately gives spa vibe in your bath. All you need to make one is a rubber mat, smooth stones and a waterproof sealer.

4. Have a do-it-yourself vanity whiteboard

You’ll be able to remember everything with this one especially when you get up with a forgetful morning. You can write certain remembers or important dates on the whiteboard to remind you of your schedule of activities.

5. Put your hair and skin potions in identical bottles or mason jars.

Make use of the recycled bottles and jars in giving your bath a quirky look.

6. Use two fabulous shower curtains to add some drama to your tub.

Sometimes luxurious shower curtains are all you need to give your bath a majestic look.

7. Create an easy and inexpensive bath tray for wine and book baths.

An easy-peasy bath tray helps you relax and have a cool washing session. You can read your favorite novel without worrying that it might get wet.

8. Maximize the space by putting your toiletries in a fascinating shelf.

You should use cabinets and shelves if you don’t want to see your bathroom essentials scattering on the floor. You can also mount it on the wall for a better, clean and, organized storage.

9. Spruce up your small bathroom wall with geometrically shaped mirrors.

Mirrors add depth to your bathroom and it also doubles visual space. Decorating your small bathroom with these mirrors will make it seem bigger.

10. Add a touch of green by putting plants for freshness.

It helps in purifying the bathroom air and adds a cool visual to your bath. Remember to choose a plant that requires less natural light and can survive in a more humid environment.

With the help of these reliable hacks, you can have your dream bath in a jiffy. Don’t forget to be creative in your own way!

This post is contributed by DRDRiP. Log on to www.drdripplumbing.com.au to check out their latest tips for bathroom design and plumbing!

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