Always Keep your Gutter Clean to Avoid Costly Repairs

Guest post contributed by Joel Borthwick

It is our responsibility to protect our homes from natural disasters like floods, rain, earthquakes, etc. One of the smartest ways to protect our homes from heavy rain is the provision of having gutters on the rooftop. Without gutters, the rainwater will directly roll down without any resistance thus weakening a home’s foundation. Also, this will lead to fungal growth on the exterior which in time will deteriorate the condition of your home.

Gutters are duly installed on the exterior of the home and they are the main outlets of your drainage system. So, if we cannot maintain them, we will face serious problems, and in this regard, we may have to hire a gutter repair and cleaner professional.

Factors Affecting your Gutter

  • Get Rid of Loose Leaves – Always try to remove loose leaves and other debris from the gutter because they will block the drain and the rainwater cannot pass through the drainage lines. It is ideal to always check their condition once or twice a year.
  • Trim Off That Extra Tree Branch – If your house gutter is near large trees then it’s always ideal to trim off the large additional branches that can block the passage of the gutter and thus block the rainwater flow. Apart from that, tree roots can also penetrate into the gutter and drainage lines and in this regard, you need to call a gutter repair service. They will repair or replace the damaged pipelines.
  • Insite Settlement of Water Due to Water Logging – With the help of a water hose you can spray water into the gutter space and check whether water is logged or not. If water is logged then water will just settle down and flow in the reverse direction. You’ll need to check the pitch of the gutter and take necessary corrective actions.

What is the Gutter Repair Process?

A common symptom of gutter damage is a hole in the gutter body. To make up the hole you have to apply cement with the most common patch that matches up the material. You have to clean the gutter hole with a putty knife, scrub the space with a wire brush, and then apply the roofing cement. It’s better to unscrew and take off the whole gutter frame if there are larger holes. You can also use an adhesive tape to cover up the holes. 

  • Leak Joints Junction – One of the major faults in the gutter system is damage in the joint section. Due to erosion effects and corrosion, your joint is more prone to leakage factor which will definitely hamper your house. The best solution is to apply sealant at the adjoining joints. 
  • Gutter Spikes Installation – Gutter spikes are long aluminum nails, which are used to secure the gutter. In gutter repairs, one should apply fine quality gutter spikes, which can hold the gutter in place.

Gutter maintenance repair is an important job to be taken seriously. If not taken care of, you will have to shell out a lot of extra cash if the condition deteriorates. Always consult a reputed gutter repair service provider to offer the best gutter repair service.

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