3 Repairs Your Family’s Home Will Likely Need After Winter

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Many people think of winter as a magical time of family visits, holidays, and skiing. To be fair, it is that. Winter is also, unfortunately, a season of rough weather for most of the country. Freezing temperatures and high winds, along with snow, rain, or hail, can leave your poor home battered. When spring rolls around, there’s a good chance you’ll see some damage in common areas. So let’s look at a few of the more common problem spots.

Roof and Gutters

Roofs and gutters should be the first spot you check. Winds can tear or dislodge shingles. Falling branches can damage or even pierce the roof, to say nothing of shingles. One of the biggest threats to roofs and gutters is ice dams. Ice dams are a lip of ice along the edge of your roof. Melting water from higher on the roof can’t run off and leaks down into the house. This damages wood, insulation, and sheetrock. If you see signs of leaking during the winter, you’ll want to hire a roof and gutter professional near you to estimate repairs.

Water-stained walls and Ceiling

If you had ice dams, there’s a good chance you’ll some water staining. Your first instinct will be to paint over it. Don’t do that. The staining often bleeds through the new paint. First, you should apply a stain sealer over the stain. That helps to lock the stain behind a barrier and protects the new paint. As a general rule, you’ll want to repaint the entire wall or ceiling to ensure good color matching. Spot painting tends to stand out.

Replace Weather Stripping

Changing the weather stripping around your doors and windows reduces the cold air sneaking into your home. The trouble is that it’s not made to last forever. The foam deteriorates or the metal loses its springiness. At the very least, you should check it every year. Weather stripping is very affordable and most people can do the installation as a DIY project on a weekend. It improves your home’s environmental envelope and reduces wear and tear on your HVAC. Furthermore, your HVAC system is another aspect that requires Preventative Maintenance to ensure that it’s ticking over properly. Be sure to schedule yearly inspections with a professional to guarantee its durability. Regular maintenance will detect any small issues before they become bigger and more costly problems.

Winter is hard on houses, but it doesn’t have to prove lethal. The trick is to make an inspection of your home when the weather finally starts warming up. Make a point to check on your roof, gutters, and weather stripping. The faster you find the problems, the less damage they’ll cause in the long term.

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