How to Immortalize Special Family Moments for Good

Family is the most important thing in the world, and there are moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life in your mind and your heart. However, it’s nice to have something tangible to commemorate the moment. Here are some tips on how to immortalize special family moments for good.

Time Capsule

Pick a day to have everyone in the family place an item into a time capsule. A time capsule in a container that you can put items into and bury or hide someplace that you will be able to find later. The items should have some tie to the moment you are experiencing with your family. Everyone should return in maybe ten years to open the time capsule and let the memories vividly fill your minds. It’s a great way to tie to the past to the future in a fun way.


Most people see jewelry as purely decorative. However, jewelry can also hold substantial emotional significance. You can give someone a piece of jewelry during a special day, such as a wedding, birthday, or graduation. This piece of jewelry will remind the giftee of both the big day as well as the person who gifted it to them every time they wear it.


Put your emotions into words- or do the best you can. It can be difficult to express the joy and pride you feel on certain days, but you can describe the day in the moment with the written word. You can write in a journal specifically designed to record all of your favorite precious moments over the years. You may even choose to have everyone write a little bit about the day and combine all of the comments together in one place. Alternatively, you may choose to write about those big days in fiction in short stories or a novel.

Custom Framed Pictures

Pictures are one of the best ways to really capture a moment since it gives you the opportunity to actually see a person’s face or a house or the terrible clothes that everyone inevitably wore in their childhood. Place the pictures in custom framing to really make the memories stand out.

Family moments are the reason for living. You want to cherish them for all they are worth, and you want to remember them. These are just some of the ways to immortalize moments in your life.

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