Making Memories: 3 Decorating Must-Haves For Your First Brick Apartment

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When you move into your first apartment, it might seem a bit overwhelming with the vast amount of space that you have to fill. You can put furniture in every room so that you have somewhere comfortable to sit and so that there are items that aid with the function of daily living. It’s the decorations that you add to the apartment that will bring life to each room, offering a way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Wall Art

Displays seen on the walls are becoming quite popular. They aren’t the typical pictures in frames that you probably had in the home when you were a child. Instead, the displays are a bit more personalized. There are designs in almost every genre, such as sports, fashion, hobbies and more. You can find wall art for each room of the home that will bring personality to what the room is about. Stickers are also an idea if you want to change the design on the walls on a regular basis as all you have to do is peel them off. They might be a better solution than putting a nail in the wall of your apartment.


There are many things that you can get at secondhand stores that you can transform into something that matches the other decorations in the home or that reveals a little about what you like. An older bar cart can be painted to make a storage shelf for the bathroom or the kitchen. You can get old bookcases to paint and add designs to that can be used anywhere in the home for displaying pictures, photo albums and the trinkets that you want others to see that you’ve collected over time. If there are items in the apartment when you move in that you don’t want or if you have items that you no longer need, then consider using professionals waste removal companies like Green Bin.

Double Up

Some of the decorations in your apartment can serve multiple purposes. A coffee table with a lid can be used for storage. Add a cushion to the top for additional seating in the room. You want to be able to get the most use for the money that you spend. You need to be able to utilize all of the items that are in the home as there likely won’t be a lot of space to work with.

Your apartment is a step to adulthood. It’s a way to get out on your own. When you move into your home, you can decorate in any way that you like, but plan for long-term so that you’re not changing all of the decorations in the home each month because you don’t like what you see.

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