Tips for Keeping Your Life As Normal as Possible During a Major Home Renovation

Planning a big home renovation can be both exciting and daunting. In addition to organizing the contractors, supplies, and permits that will be needed, start thinking about how to keep life as normal as possible. Although a renovation generally creates upheaval for a time, the end result will be worth it. Here are some tips for staying comfortable during a home renovation.

Organize the Living Space

During construction, the living areas of your home may be temporarily constricted or reduced. Remove unneeded furniture and belongings to open up those areas for comfort and convenience. You may want to pack up some things you won’t need for a while, like holiday dishes and seasonal children’s toys. If you’ve been planning to get rid of unused furniture or anything that would be in the way of remodeling, do it before the project gets started. Keep access to and within the work area free of clutter.

Streamline Specialized Work

Some of the renovation construction may be organized to minimize disruptions in the home. It’s possible that some drilling work could use various options. Residential drilling, for example, might utilize directional drilling, which protects driveways and landscaped lawns from being dug up or damaged. Guided drilling and steerable drilling may be possible for tight or hard-to-reach areas of your renovation. Work with your contractor on low-impact strategies.

Simplify Household Activities

You may want to suspend routine home activities like weekly cleaning or having friends over to watch sports until the bulk of the remodeling is done. Even though the crew won’t likely be working at night, there will possibly be materials, supplies, and equipment sitting around or pushed into the corner, which might get in the way of indoor tasks or distract visitors. Dust is likely to settle frequently from the construction work, so a deep spring cleaning or fall yard sale roundup might benefit by being delayed until the work is finished.

Get Away for a While

If a family member or someone you trust is overseeing the renovation, enjoy a getaway weekend or a family trip to escape some of the noise, smells, and debris. Staying at a nice overnight hotel with a pool might provide a calm, relaxing respite from the bustling construction work and soothe everyone’s nerves.

Although you might hope that remodeling your home is a casual event that everyone in the family will easily adjust to, that might not be the case. Think about ways to escape some of the stress of the renovation by preparing for normal living with a few adjustments.

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