Things You Need to Know About Cheap Glass Pool Fencing

No matter whether you have a luxurious rooftop pool or a normal garden area pool, the essence of having your own swimming pool will never be complete without having the proper pool fencing. And by fencing, we mean the glass fences which are becoming the style statement all across the world. The see-through or tinted glass fences make the area look like an ethereal enclosure, with the clear blue water of the pool making a clear contrast against the glass frames.

Apart from protection, the cheap glass pool fencing provides a lot of other benefits too, which are contributing to the worldwide use of the fences around the pools. But, before installing the frames around your pool area, there are certain things which you need to be sure of. 

Though the installation is done by experts, yet there are things which you should be concerned about like the thickness of the frame, the height, the grips, and so on. So, here we have briefed some of the factors to consider before the cheap glass pool fencing installation.

What Type of Glass Pool Fence Do You Want to Install?

The first thing you need to consider about cheap glass pool fencing is the type of glass you would like to have around your pool area.

  • If you want to have a complete view of the surroundings, then having a completely transparent glass fence is better.
  • For a little privacy, tinted or etched glasses will be better, but make sure the translucency is not too much. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing ambiance of the entire city from the rooftop.
  • If you have an indoor pool, and keeping the height of the glass panels low, then you can customize the panels with designs on them.

How Much Thickness Do You Need for The Glass Panels?

While choosing the glass panels, make sure that you are selecting the correct thickness in order to prevent them from breaking under any impact. The thickness of the glass depends upon the presence of the frames around the glass panels.  

    • For semi frames, you can get the glasses of 10mm thickness
    • 12mm thickness will be optimum for the complete frameless glass fences.

What Is the Size of Your Pool?

The next thing you have to consider while choosing cheap glass pool fencing is the size of your pool. As the glass panels are going to be around the pool area, you need the length and the breadth of the entire area, along with the distance from the pool’s edge to the place where you will form the boundary.

What Size of Glass Fence You Will Install?

The next thing you need to decide is the size of the glass fence. If you have a corner pool area, then the three sides will be fenced. Similarly, you need to decide which faces you will be actually fencing. Another important parameter which you need to know is the height of the fences. For smaller pool areas, medium height will look good, but for larger pool areas, the height should be comparatively more. A professional glass installation company like NE&C glass balustrades North East will help you choose the right glass fence for your pool area.

How Will You Design the Fence Gate?

While opting for cheap glass pool fencing, make sure you are deciding the place where you will build the gate. The gate should open in the outwards direction and not in the inward direction. Also, make sure that you are using the proper locking mechanism to seal the gates properly.


Cheap glass fencing around the pool is done both in residential and commercial areas, thanks to the multitudinous benefits of the fencing wall. In fact, now most of the suppliers are giving the option of customizing the glass panels for fencing purposes. 

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