3 Tips for Keeping Outside Air Flowing at Home Without All the Bugs

When your home gets too hot, you essentially have two options to help it cool down again. You can either use your air conditioning, which can quickly and effectively cool your home but can cost a lot to run, or you can use nature’s free “air conditioning” by finding ways to get air flowing through your home, thus creating a cooling breeze.

While both options certainly have their pros and cons, nothing beats the ability to stay cool and refreshed without spending a bundle on your utility bill. At the same time, all that outside air can bring a lot of bugs with it, which can quickly make your free air conditioning seem a lot less pleasant. To keep that from happening, here are a few ideas for letting the air in while keeping the bugs out.


One of the easiest ways to let outside air in while keeping bugs out is to utilize screens in the windows and doors you want to have open. It’s important to ensure that your screens fit snugly and are free from any holes which could still allow bugs in. If you like the functionality of screens but don’t really like how they look, retractable flyscreens for doors and windows make a great option. These screens provide all the protection of a traditional screen plus they retract out of the way when they’re not in use.

Air Curtain

If you’ve ever walked in a store, only to be blasted by a wave of air, you’ve experienced an air curtain. While these devices can do a great job of quickly cooling you off or warming you up, they are primarily meant to keep bugs out of the store. Bugs avoid the wall of air, since trying to fly through it would likely end badly for them. Thus, the building can minimize the presence of bugs while not having to deal with screens which could get torn up. Air curtains are available for residential use, as well, and are certainly a great option. If you don’t want to make that much of a commitment, however, a strong fan can offer much of the same protection.

Time in the Garden

Of course, even with a screen and a fan, some bugs can still find their way inside. The key to maintaining a bug-free home, then, is to make it a place where bugs don’t want to be. By utilizing various indoor plants that repel bugs of different species, you can make your home an unwelcoming place for pests while keeping it a welcoming place for guests. Just be sure to carefully select the soil for these plants so you don’t end up accidentally bringing bugs inside with it.

Embrace the Outdoors

As pesky as they can be, when you have your doors and windows open on a regular basis, there’s bound to be a few bugs involved. By utilizing the methods listed above, you can certainly greatly reduce the number of those bugs. At the same time, it’s important to realize that the benefits of having fresh air flowing through your home far outweigh any inconvenience you might face as a result of the appearance of a few pests.

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