4 Cabinet Styles to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be daunting. From a complete tear out to a simple replacement of the doors of your kitchen, you can create a whole new space for your family to enjoy. Cabinets take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen space, so this decision is critical.

Cabinetry Designs for 2020

Decorators recommend that cabinet styles for 2020 are loaded with color. From avocado to sky blue, you can enjoy plenty of color and variety in your cabinet color choices and material decisions. White cabinets, whether flat-faced, shaker style or something more ornate, are on the way out. It should be noted that wood remains popular, but you want to stick with light finishes that show off natural beauty.


Eco-friendly, renewable products are extremely popular in new cabinetry and cabinet styles. Products such as bamboo and other repurposed materials have taken up a big portion of the retail market. Current hardware trends are custom forged and quite striking as brass is a new and popular metal for this custom hardware.

Display Doors

Glass front doors with simple framing are becoming extremely popular in the world of kitchen remodeling and cabinet creation. If your kitchen ceiling is tall, you may be able to put glass fronts on the highest cabinets, add display lighting and put your treasures on show in these very tall cabinets. For those who are moving toward minimalism, lower glass fronted cabinets can also be put to good use. One trend that seems to be fading is the use of open kitchen shelving for dish storage.

Minimalist Features

Additional minimalist features that are becoming more popular in kitchen cabinet styling are the flat fronted cabinet doors. These cabinets can be opened either by pushing on the door to get the latch to release or by using the slight cutout on the interior edge of the door. This flat faced cabinet provides a simple, clean look and is a great option for those who want to paint their cabinets.


Kitchen cabinet creation is becoming more important as people move to open concept kitchens. While your cabinets used to need to hold dishes and food, modern cabinetry needs to match the rest of your home and provide great flow. Luckily, new cabinet construction styles stay very simple in structure but serve as a great foil for stronger paint colors and bolder hardware.

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