5 DIY Summer Home Improvement Projects

Without question, summer is that time of the year when we soak up the warm weather, and bright sunshine and head out to BBQ and chill out on our terrace on a cool breezy evening. However, as good as that sounds, summer is also the time when major renovations around the house can be made. Many homeowners pick summer as the fantastic DIY season because the paint dries faster, floor lacquer evaporates better, and so on. Here are some of the projects you can do on your own to spruce up your living area during this hot season.


1. Mend the small fixtures

The best idea is to start with small but crucial home improvements. Before going any further, learn about easy projects to tackle – for example, if you’re looking to learn more about how to go about fixing things at home click to read more on the Sugru website about how to get started with this. Due to the warm weather, having air conditioning is a must, so start off by taking out and cleaning the filter. Regular maintenance and ensuring that the hose is not clogged up will guarantee long-lasting work of your AC. Next, if you don’t happen to have AC then install cooling fans. Not only is it the cheapest version to cool off this summer, but also it is a quick and worthwhile home improvement project.  When you have finished with the inside, head out and clean and repair the gutters. Gutter repair is always best done in summer because you can easily clean the leaves that are blocking the water flow.

2. Refurbish your kitchen

Since remodeling your kitchen can be tough, it goes without saying that you should have the right equipment, so hop into the Australian style work boots and start the dirty work of redesigning your kitchen. Warm weather allows us to cook and eat outside, giving you the opportunity to reshape your kitchen from the bottom to the top. First, inspect your kitchen in order to see what requires urgent improvement. Next, start with repainting and refacing the cabinets, replacing the old and chipped sinks, checking the price of countertops, and replacing the old ones. If you wish to save up, even more, you can place a kitchen backsplash that comes in various patterns and colors. Not only will backsplashes alter the outlook of your kitchen, but they will completely rejuvenate and beautify the walls.

3. Modernize the interiors

In the summer you can easily put the furniture out in order to do some quality DIY home improvement. And a cheap and easy way to completely improve your living area is to do some necessary painting. All you need is a brush and a quality paint color to start working. Cover all the dirty spots in your house, use more vivid and dazzling colors, or even put funky wallpapers that would open up the ambiance. Because it is summer, you won’t need to worry about ventilation. You can also experiment with new trends, and get some lavish curtains or install new carbon, vinyl or magnetic rods to place the new curtains. Another remodeling project includes changing the flooring. Just make sure that you have set a decent budget aside for that, but you can replace the broken boards, fix the loose boards, fill in the gaps, or even place vinyl or laminate floors on your own and revamp and refresh the sitting room.

4. Rehabilitate your bathroom

More or less, it is one of the most important rooms in the house, and there is no better time to fix it up than summer. If you are tired of old and dated styles, then you can implement some of the DIY features and alter your bathroom. Depending on your budget you can purchase and change the fixtures. Install new bathroom towel bars that come in different styles and shapes, for instance, install a curved or circular bar instead of a plain square bar. Next to having a standard sink mirror, you can add a wall-mount magnification mirror that would be extremely useful. And of course, replace the old metallic sink faucets with new carbon ball faucets. Last but not the least, fix the lighting or add a new light above the mirror.

5. Focus on outdoor improvement

Even if you are going to spend more time outdoors in the summer, your deck, patio, terrace, and garden should look reshaped, neat, and organized. First of all, apply a fresh coat of paint on your exterior walls, then tidy up the backyard by trimming the hedges, spraying the pests, and repairing the damaged boards and parts on your deck. Another ideal improvement to your home is to fix, or again replace, the old fence in your backyard. Fence and gates bring numerous benefits to your home so they should be properly mended and altered. In the end, water the plants regularly and mow the lawn and your home will be absolutely reconstructed.

DIY projects can be a fun way to alter the necessary enhancement around the house. When you have seen the final results made by your hand, you will feel content and proud.


Contributed by Victoria Lim

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