How to Build and Maintain a Startup Business

Starting a new business is exciting and thrilling, but it’s not for the faint heart. While there’s a lot of information online on getting started, it’s not as easy as applying what others say. Note that while every business is unique, there are general points you should never ignore. 

Proper planning is necessary for the success and growth of your startup. There are critical components to building and maintaining your new business.


You need to detail your financial plan and projections. Bear in mind that lack of funds is the main reason many startups shut down. As you start, it’s critical to have realistic plans—you won’t make substantial profits for the first two to five years.

Some startups even take up to 10 years to break even. For example, essential costs include office space, licenses, quality office supplies, job applicant tracking software, a reputable online check stub service, and more.  After starting, you’ll have more costs, including employee expenses, promotion, and advertising.

Once you outline the cost, make sure to justify them using your projections. As soon as money starts flowing, an accountant becomes a priority. Accounting services for startup businesses can help you plan and stay profitable in the future. They can help with payroll, sales tax, credit card management, accounts payable, and bank reconciliations.

Don’t Get Stuck Planning

In any business endeavor, planning is a crucial step for laying out your strategies and goals. Sadly, it can be a continuous process if you’re not ready to take the risk. Of course, starting a business involves taking risks, but they should be calculated risks.

If you spend a lot of time in the planning phase, you might not reach the launching stage. Work with someone you trust to make sure your dreams and ideas become a reality. Sometimes, you may need a fresh pair of eyes to examine your ideas and help you get the ball rolling.

Get on Social Media

Today, social media is big, with over four billion people using social media worldwide. For any entrepreneur, this is not just a figure of people—it’s the number of potential customers just a click away.

It’s imperative in today’s world to create a strong presence on different social media platforms. For most businesses, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make great options. But it depends on the type of your business. For example, LinkedIn appeals to corporations, IT, and recruitment businesses.

You can use your social media pages to showcase your storefront, which is great for local marketing. More importantly, social media allows you to engage customers, analyze competition, and develop a solid brand voice from the start. You can also use social media to provide customer support. Since many people are interested in live streaming, you can utilize it to advertise goods and services. You can build a loyal audience who regularly tune into your streams to watch your work. Also, you can easily repurpose and adjust videos into engaging social media posts on different platforms.

Once you earn fans and followers, be sure to keep them engaged with quality and informative content. Stay active on social media and respond to comments quickly.

Invest in a Strong Team

While the business idea is yours, you need a solid team to help you actualize it and achieve your goals. When it comes to starting a business in the US, a strong team is everything. You can’t do everything alone, and a great team will help put your ideas into action. Bear in mind that Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were once startups. They succeeded in growing their businesses because they understand the real value of strong teams.

Your recruitment process should target strong minds that deliver incredible products and ideas. Your team must include people with essential skills for the startup phase—technical, business, and customer service skills. For instance, if your business is in the finance industry, it would be best to ensure they’ve done a finance course. Business owners can use these skills to pay their bills, understand their profitability, and grow relationships with clients, vendors, and customers. 

Be sure to offer training programs so every team member knows exactly what to do. Training is also vital in providing your team the right skills they need to implement your ideas. Make yourself accessible to your team members to listen to their ideas and complaints. Leverage team-building activities so employees stay invested and productive.

Stay Unique

Today, differentiation is an essential attribute for success. Markets are at risk of commoditization, so you want to make your business and products/services as unique as possible.

Strive to come up with fresh promotional and event ideas that excite your audience. You need to be creative, especially when using social media for advertising. Your ads should aim to attract the attention of customers and potential investors.

You can’t afford to be complacent as you start your business. Launching doesn’t mean you have hit the holy grail of business ownership. You need to keep pushing hard, so the business continues to gain traction. Be sure to generate new services or products as needed to experiment with different markets and get customer opinions. Stay true to your mission and startup goals even with change arise.

Start Your Business Strong

The success of any business depends on the startup phase and the steps taken post-launch. You need commitment, tenacity, and a solid vision to make your business a success story. The truth is, the start is usually a challenging phase, so you should be motivated to actualize your ideas and goals.

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