How to Prepare Your Exterior Design for a New Season

It feels like that lately, the weather has been more ruthless than ever, which can wreak havoc on our homes. The exterior of your house, however, speaks volumes about you, so you cannot neglect it. There are different tasks you should take care of after each season, especially winter, to prepare your home for the next one and prevent issues from ever arising. Much of this work is less than fun but it’s quite necessary if you want your exterior to look presentable and your outdoor space to remain pleasant and functional. Here are some of the things that should be on your to-do list.

Clean your patio

As the winter season is slowly retreating and warmer weather is upon us, you want to prepare your outdoor living space so that you can spend time in it comfortably. A clean and organized patio will look welcoming and you won’t be able to wait to finally enjoy it. Before you start, check for any damage that might have occurred during the winter. If there is nothing serious, proceed to sweep and wash the surface. Then, you can bring out your outdoor furniture. Wipe down your furniture with a damp cloth and some special furniture cleaner if necessary. Then, all that’s left to do is adding the details such as flower pots to bring it all together.

Time for a roof check

It’s easy to forget about the maintenance of your roof; after all, it’s doing its job just fine without you intervening. However, it is recommended that you have a roof inspection twice a year to catch problems before they cause any damage to your property. So, before spring arrives with plenty of rain in store, check your roof for missing or lose shingles. You should also check for any mold growth that can be a sign of humidity or leakage issues. Besides the roof, your gutters should be checked as well. A lot of debris can accumulate in the gutter over time, especially after fall and winter, preventing it from doing its job. So, your best bet is cleaning it all out before the rainfalls arrive and you find water flowing everywhere. 

Take care of your windows

Once the days get sunnier, you will want to open your curtains and let all the natural light in. However, if your windows are old and dirty, the sight will be less than appealing. So, once the weather is warm enough for this, you should properly clean your windows both inside and outside. This is also a great opportunity to check all the window screens for damage and change them if necessary. Once you’ve ensured the screens are all in place, nothing will prevent you from opening those windows even when the warm weather has woken up all the annoying insects. If you want to go the extra mile and welcome the spring appropriately, decorate your windows with flowers

A fresh coat of paint

Sometimes, our house can look older than it is just because the fence and the exterior walls have seen better days. If washing does not seem to do the trick (hire a power washer for this!), you can also consider adding a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your exterior. Repainting or restaining your fence is a relatively small project that you can do yourself over one weekend. While you’re at it, you can also give a fresh coat to your mailbox. Painting the exterior walls is, however, a bit more difficult and it requires some expertise. If you live in hotter climates like In Australia, for example, reliable painters from Sydney can get this done in no time, so all you have to do is look for some local experts.

Prepare for gardening

Nothing makes a yard more beautiful than lots of thriving plants, so if you want to enjoy lush greenery throughout the better part of the year, this is the right moment to prepare your yard and soil for planting. If you want a healthy green lawn, you should use fertilizers at the beginning of spring, however, make sure you choose the right type of fertilizer for your soil and lawn. As for your flower beds, you should start by removing any weeds and fertilizing the soil. In order to keep a neat appearance and prevent weeds from growing, you should mulch your garden. 

Prevent mosquito issues

Most of us know that mosquitos thrive in areas where there is standing water, so if you don’t want to spend the entire summer trying to get rid of these pests, the best thing you could do is prevent them from invading your yard in the first place. So, check your yard for any standing water such as puddles and containers that have collected rainwater and make sure you take care of them.


Maintaining the exterior of your home is not an easy job, but if you do everything on time, you will be able to prevent issues and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space all year long. So, don’t procrastinate, it’s time to get to work!

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