10 Ways To Update Your Home for 2020

Home design trends come and go each year with surprising regularity. You don’t have to fall into the ‘trend trap’ when you renovate your house if you use the following list of improvements that have stood the test of time. Choose one or two of these ideas and begin the new year with a new look for a few rooms in your home.

1.  Mirrors

One of the best ways to improve the look and expand the light in any room is with the help of a Hollywood mirror.  Whether the mirror is the room’s focal point or completely disappears into the area’s design, the reflecting glass can add the illusion of space, depth, and texture to any room.

2.  Paint

One of the least appreciated ways of changing the look of a room is with a simple coat of paint. With thousands of colors, hues, and tints to choose from, you can easily find a color to match any artwork, furniture, or priceless heirloom you own. Choose neutral tones for a modern, stylish renovation.

3.  Furniture

When designers purchase a large piece of quality furniture, they often create the look of the room around that item. You can do the same thing with a new Joybird couch, chair, or sofa. Select an item that you love the look of, and then choose accent draperies and paint for a whole new look.

4.  Lighting

Most people forget about their home’s lighting when they consider updates for their house. However, changing the fixtures or type of room lighting can have a huge impact on the look of the area. You can select from the industrial, traditional, track, and elegant lighting fixtures to accentuate your style.

5.  Rugs

A simple rug can modernize the look of any room in minutes. Since there are so many designs and textures of floor coverings available for very little investment, you can change the rug out as often as you want. Simply tuck the rug under your new Joybird furniture, and you may be surprised at how much the room changes.

6.  Artwork

Whether you prefer abstract art, traditional scenes, or mid-century baroque landscapes, you can change the atmosphere in any room with the addition of new focal artwork. Bright colors, eye-grabbing designs, or multiple pieces in a single artwork can all set the tone of your newly designed room.

7.  Plants

Not only do plants add color to any space in your home, but they can also provide the look and feel of life. Plants can also help purify the air you breathe, provide fresh oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide. As an easy way to renovate any room, add plants.

8.  Windows

You don’t have to replace your windows with a new style to use the area to change the look of the entire room. Instead, change the curtains, draperies, or shades. You can select bold colors, neutral tones, or daring patterns.

9.  Declutter

A simple way to renovate any room is with the removal of all the odds and ends collected over the year. This can include books, trinkets, and any other bits and pieces of life that you have collected. By decluttering the area, your room can take on a new life.

10.  Details

Updating the faucets, door pulls, and racks can quickly update a kitchen or bathroom. Although the items seem insignificant, and they can easily be overlooked, when the objects are changed, the impact can be dramatic.

Updating your home doesn’t have to include tearing down walls or adding new rooms. All you have to do is choose one or two items from the above list to modernize and update any room in your home. A little change can make a big impact.

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