Is Print Advertising Still Effective For Your Small Business

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What is print advertising? Basically, it refers to many forms of advertising that are printed. For example, adverts that are placed in magazines and newspapers are forms of print advertising. At the same time, things like flyers and posters are also considered under this heading. 

Print advertising has been one of the most traditional forms of marketing for many years. Before the birth of digital advertising and marketing, most companies relied on print. Why? Because many of your customers would read magazines, look through newspapers, and so on. 

This begs the question, in the modern era, is print advertising still effective?

Some forms are more effective than others

You will find that certain types of print advertising are way more effective than others. For instance, posters, billboards, and flyers are still great ways of generating exposure for your business. When placed around busy city centers, you can get millions of eyes on your brand every single day. 

However, other forms – like advertising in newspapers or magazines – aren’t as effective as they once were. Fewer people actually read the papers or pick up magazines nowadays. Instead, it’s better to put the same adverts online – this is where most people to go engage in the content. 

With that being said, this second point needs to be considered too. 

It depends on your target customer

Who is your target customer? Are you targeting the average consumer, or are you targeting businesses? If the answer is the latter, traditional forms of print advertising in magazines can still be really effective. 

Why? Because businesses often subscribe to industry magazines to get updates on everything that’s going on. So, you can see a lot of success by getting adverts in these magazines. 

Also, if you’re targeting older consumers, newspapers are still a very viable place to put advertising. This market is less likely to be online, so you can target them through the more traditional means instead. 

Make print advertising more effective

One of the main drawbacks of print advertising – and it’s been this way for years – is that it’s hard to measure success. Sure, you can correlate your sales with the release of new advertising material. If you see more sales after putting posters up around town, that might indicate the advertising was a success. 

However, you can make print adverts more effective by implementing QR codes. For instance, get some flyer templates and create a little advert for your business. Then, generate a QR code that links to your website. Now, when you display the flyers around town, people can scan the code and visit your site. You are creating a direct link between the advertisement and your website, making success easier to measure. The same can be applied to any print advert, instantly making it more effective at generating business. 

To answer the question, yes, print advertising is still effective. The key is understanding how to use it depending on your business. Focus on the print adverts that will actually benefit your business. Also, use QR codes or other interactive elements to make them more effective. 

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