9 Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Are you creating a video ad for Facebook? Want to know how to create more powerful video ads? Whether you’re dealing with sponsored video posts or videos uploaded as ads, you must focus on details to improve the impact of your content. You can optimize Facebook video ads for your target audience who love the site more than ever. 

Why video ads?

Why do Facebook ads work well? This particular social media platform has a lot of users, but disabling ads don’t generate a lot of conversions. Targeting is the key to Facebook advertising. This targeting allows you to determine the target group your ad will reach very accurately. Targeting allows you to target past behavior for example when someone visits your website, people who already like your page, etc. Video is three times more engaging than any other content, but it’s rarely used. Video ads get so much exposure that marketers need not only need to post them more often, but they also need to make them better.

There is great potential for marketers, making Facebook one of the best advertising platforms for B2B and B2C companies. With the decline in organic reach on Facebook in recent years, knowledgeable marketers are promoting on Facebook for results. Many things need to be put together to create successful Ads using  Facebook Video Ads editor. You need proper targeting, good images or videos, and compelling copy. Following some tips and techniques for Facebook ads is important for maximum conversions.

There are two types of Facebook Video Ads available to marketers:

  1. Sponsored Ads – Facebook Sponsored posts to appear directly in the Facebook news feed. Users scroll to see ads, and this feature stands out as much as posts from close friends.
  2. Ads in the Right Column – These ads are small, but you can’t scroll beyond the news feed like sponsored posts. Marketers often use right-column ads for retargeting purposes.

9 Strategies for Writing Your Best Facebook ads

1. Use Facebook targeting to narrow down your audience and write to them

When it comes to selling online, you’ll want to use content like a pro. But if you want to be effective, you must target to narrow down your audience, to plead with and persuade. As if you were a personal salesperson, you must pay full attention to that person and their needs. Your website needs to write a copy that appeals to all potential customers, and there are probably several different personas. However, Facebook allows you to narrow down your audience. You can then create targeted ads that appeal to that very specific audience.

2. Write different Facebook ads for different people

Your customers come to you for a variety of reasons, so why use flat-rate advertising? Facebook’s strength is its ability to target ads. Therefore, do not treat your ads like billboards. For example, you have an online store selling clothes. You also sell men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, sportswear, underwear, and even bath and body care products. Many customers are interested in some of your products, but many are most interested in one area.

3. The best Facebook ads that keep you focused on Call to Action have a clear purpose

Add an impressive CTA if you trying to increase brand awareness, win leads, or sell your products. In any case, the ad needs a phrase that encourages clear action. Without them, Facebook users will see your ad but don’t know where to click or what to do. A CTA button encourages users to visit your website to browse, check, and finally buy.

4. Be open about numbers

When you sell a physical product, people want to know how much it will cost, when you sell, and what percentage of discounts, deals, and offers they are getting. A successful advertising and copywriting strategy are to lead by number. Share the deals and details of your business, marketing strategies, and products with people and give them an end date for the promotion. Not everyone will see your ad. But you will be targeting people who have already visited the site. This ad isn’t particularly a sureshot way to market your goods, but it helps to encourage the customer to come when you’re ready to buy.

5. Focus on Quality from First Frame

The video will autoplay in your desktop and mobile news feeds, so it will take 3 seconds to convince your users to watch the video. No need for long intros or animated logos. You should be able to talk to people right away. Catch the viewer’s attention in the first few frames. Sound is optional (because it’s background music) and has minimal text. Promote a series of videos that show what you get when you sign up. Get your target audience invested in your content immediately and tell them about your brand, business, and services in a concise visual manner.

6. Show Your Personality

If you are looking for a new strategy or plan to market your products and advertise, this is where Social Media Marketing World comes in. You’ll learn how to become a business and client superstar using the latest social marketing techniques. There is no pitching. There is no gimmick. Only world-class Facebook video advertising uses fascinating clips, text, and pictures and that looks fun. People feel like guests and with your ads, you invite viewers to your world with your personality. When recording a video, be excited and enthusiastic about the topic. It shines and appeals to the viewer.

7. Shorten it and carry value

You pay for ads, so you may want to pack as much as you can. However, when it comes to Facebook ads, you need to be a concise and valuable lead. What does someone get from using your product? How does it help you? These are the areas you should focus on in your work text and you should convey these points clearly and concisely.

8. Use simple and easy-to-understand words

Text is not advanced literature. Maybe you were a college poet, but the jargon and the flowery language will confuse your message. It’s time to reduce redundancy. Your top priority is to write Facebook ads that are easy for anyone to understand, even in 5th grade. When someone sees your ad, they should know immediately: What you are offering How it helps them and What to do next

9. Get some perspective

As you work to market your brand every day, it can be difficult to take a step back and see that your copy of your Facebook ad resonates. Scroll through your Facebook feed to see your ads. Which would you like to click? Which one do you scroll past? You may try to buy likes and followers to increase traffic. However, it’s a good idea to get a perspective from someone other than yourself. You can write an ad for yourself or hire a freelance writer or editor to help you brainstorm it. You can also transfer your ad to some of your colleagues, especially those outside your marketing department, to see if it works. Friends and family, people outside the company, can also help. The only way to improve your Facebook ad copy is to run a test. Add a compelling offer as, without a compelling suggestion to back up your CTA, it doesn’t make sense to run an ad.


It’s hard to see out of reach of Facebook. Many people regularly watch Facebook ads. But reach is only part of the equation, as we’re always talking about being your marketing target. Successful marketing does not reach everyone, it reaches the right people. This is where Facebook is so useful. You cannot disagree with the results. In other words, the power of Facebook advertising cannot be denied.

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