5 Fun Activities to Introduce to Your Weekly Meetings

If you’re like most people, the idea of a weekly meeting sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. Unfortunately, many meetings go on for too long and lack any structure. This is why it’s important to have a set schedule and keep them short, but you can also add some fun activities to spice things up and make sure everyone stays engaged. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Go on a field trip

If you have never been to that place, it’s time to go.

Field trips are a great way for teams to bond and learn about new places. The key thing is that everyone should be doing the same activity simultaneously, so your team has an opportunity for shared experiences.

A field trip can also be useful in helping employees get out of their comfort zones and meet people from different departments or teams within your company.

Get more engaged

Use a whiteboard or flip chart to get more engaged in your meeting. This allows everyone to see what’s being discussed and helps keep discussions focused. If you want to take it a step further, use a timer to keep track of the time during your meeting—it’ll ensure everyone knows when their session is over.


Volunteering is a great way to get to know your colleagues, community, and yourself. You can learn new skills, develop a sense of pride in the work you do, and connect with people in ways that will make you a better team member at work.

Volunteering is also an opportunity to build strong relationships among staff members as they can use their talents outside of the office environment. In addition, it allows employees who may not feel comfortable or confident enough in leadership roles at work to get a taste of what being an effective leader looks like through their volunteer experiences.

Improv Games

Improv games can help teams bond, learn to work together, and listen to each other. By playing improv games during your weekly meetings. You can also involve clean comedians for hire to help your team bond in a hilarious way and also develop some skills such as:

  • Teamwork: Improv games require players to work together to achieve their goals. This is especially important for remote teams that may not have many opportunities for collaboration outside of meetings.
  • Confidence: Improv games can help build confidence by encouraging players to speak up and be heard by others on the team. For example, if one person has an idea or suggestion, all other group members should listen carefully and offer positive feedback or constructive criticism afterward.
  • Listening Skills: Improv games require active listening skills so that players understand what everyone else is saying before responding with their ideas in turn (that’s why they’re called “improvisational”).

Staff Olympics

Staff Olympics is a fun way to introduce competition into the office. To set up a Staff Olympics:

  • Decide what type of competition you want to run, such as ping pong, basketball, or even golf?
  • Assign each employee a number from 1-50 based on their position in the company (i.e., CEO gets #1). The higher numbers will compete against each other, and the lower numbers will compete against each other. This can be done by drawing names out of a hat or doing an online lottery by emailing everyone’s details and having them enter their preferred time slot(s). Try not to give more than two people per time slot, as this will help with logistics later on when it comes time to schedule your event.
  • Once everyone has their timeslot assigned, all participants know exactly what they will be playing during that specific interval before sending them off with their supplies needed for whatever sport was chosen earlier (ping pong balls/basketballs, etc.). It may also benefit you if someone else from HR could assist in making sure everything runs smoothly during this process.


Hope this list of five fun activities was helpful and that you can put them to use at your next meeting. By trying these activities, you may be surprised at how much more engaged your team becomes and how many positive results they produce. And even if a few of them don’t work out in the end, remember that these are just ideas to get you started—you can always tweak them or come up with something completely new and original for your team.


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