How to Help an Elderly Relative Settle into Their Retirement Home

Moving into an assisted living community can be a daunting prospect for many people. If you have an elderly family member who will soon be entering assisted care, they might feel uncertain about the decision and need your help to make the transition easier. Here are a few ways you can make the process of moving more relaxing and enjoyable for your loved one as they join the retirement community.

Pack Their Belongings

Give yourself and your loved one plenty of time to pack their belongings so they can appreciate finding forgotten treasures and memories. This can be an emotional time but don’t rush the process if possible. Talk about the pieces you find and help your relative decide which objects they want to bring with them to their new home and which they would like to keep in storage or give away to family members.

Personalize Their Space

When you first arrive at the community, you may find that your family member has an empty space they can fill with their own possessions and furniture, or their room is already partially furnished to make the move easier. Either way, help your relative to unpack and decorate their room so it feels more like home as soon as possible. Ornaments, photographs and artwork can all help your relative’s room feel cozier and more inviting.

Get to Know the Staff

Speaking with staff can reassure you and your relative that you have chosen the right retirement home. People are a vital part of these communities. For example, residents at assisted living in Great Falls, VA say that one of the biggest factors in choosing an assisted living facility is the overall community feel and connection to other residents. This can be made easier by getting to know the staff, who can introduce you and your family member to other residents who may share your relative’s interests.

Spend Time with Them

Make sure that on the day of moving into the community, you have enough time to help your family member grow accustomed to their surroundings. This might mean having lunch with them in the lounge or taking a walk through the grounds. Not only will this help your loved one to feel more settled in their new home, but it will also help you get to know the place better to ensure that it is up to your standards.

Visit Regularly

Once you have completed the first day’s moving, you will want to visit your relative regularly in order to help them settle into their new lifestyle. Find out what days and times are best for visitors by asking the staff. Many retirement communities offer a diverse variety of activities throughout the week, so make sure you don’t accidentally show up when your loved one is out at the pool or watching a movie.

It isn’t always easy moving a loved one into an assisted living community. However, you can make the process smoother by being there for them and showing that you care.

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