Is Your Child Ready for a Pet?

Do you remember the day your parents brought home a newly adopted family member – your dog? This is clearly a shot in the dark. There’s no way we could guarantee you even had a dog growing up. Anyway, you can imagine how it could’ve been if, of course, you didn’t have that experience. There’s a chance your parents had a pet (or pets) long before you were even born. No one raised a question if you were ready for it. Nowadays, most parents need to think before adopting or buying a pet. There’s no need to emphasize the fact that pets are living beings, equal to humans. They deserve the best treatment possible. Are your kids ready to share the responsibility for a living being inside your home? In the article below, we’ll show you some signs that could help you decide on getting a pet. Is your child ready for a pet? Stay tuned to find out.

Can we adopt a kitty? Please, please, please!

A promising sign your child is ready for a pet is their wish to have one. If they’re bugging you with questions about getting a dog, or a cat, or a talking parrot – it might mean they’re ready to share responsibility. Never consider getting a pet if your kid seems indifferent to the idea. Before you do anything, make sure they’ve expressed genuine interest in wanting to have an animal buddy.

Attention! An animal is no surprise gift!

Since you’re reading this text, there’s a slight chance you’d ever get the idea to do something like this. Anyway, it’s good we mention it. Never give an animal to your kids as a surprise gift. Of course, if your children have expressed their wish to have a pet, you might surprise them with a new friend. Just don’t let it be a total surprise. Talk to your kids thoroughly about the subject. Use your good intuition to see if they’re ready to take care of a living being. We’ll try not to mention the good old: having a dog is a great responsibility, but cats… Oops, looks like we did it. Nevermind that. Every animal is a great responsibility, not just the ones you have to take out for a walk two to three times a day. Besides biological necessities, animals need lots and lots of love. As if you already didn’t know that, right? Also, nothing is stopping you from giving your pet a surprise gift! They know how to handle surprises!

Your child feels good in the company of animals

Let’s say you have a next-door neighbor with a mini Zoo inside their home. Can you imagine your kid spending time there without feeling uncomfortable? If your answer is YES, that might mean your child is ready to have a pet. Little children can act aggressively towards little animals (or animals in general). Of course, we’ve all played the God game and stepped on a few ants as little kids, but that type of attitude can quickly expand. If you see your kid reacting negatively to animals you see on the street, that is a sign that your child isn’t ready to have a pet animal.

Band on the run!

Try not to sing the famous tune from Paul McCartney and the Wings. We dare you! Anyway, if you think having a pet will somehow deter your relocation plans, or if you’re used to moving a lot, there’s no need to worry. Don’t waste your time thinking about this subject because relocation is manageable if you know what to do. Being organized and well-prepared is crucial. All in all – moving with pets is no biggie! If you’re used to being a band on the run, you shouldn’t lose your hair over adopting a furry member of your family.

Expect the unexpected!

Imagine this – your kids have expressed their will to have a pet many times in the past few months. You’ve read here that is a clear sign that they’re probably ready to care about a living being. You go out, and you bring home a cute little doggy. Everything’s okay for a couple of months until suddenly your kids start to neglect their animal buddies. Be prepared to take their role. If you don’t think you’ll find the time to take out your dog for a walk so it can do its thing, maybe you need to reconsider the decision of getting a pet.

Finances, anyone?

Getting a pet can cause some damage to your home budget. Be prepared to finance routine vet visits, many toys your cat will play with for a few days, quality pet food, and all other little money drains you can imagine. If you don’t think you’re in a position to have a pet, you can postpone the decision. At some point, you’ll be all set.

A few words before the end

So, that was that. Hopefully, this article helped you answer the eternal (yeah, right) question of ‘Is your child ready for a pet?’. Although this text might seem a bit overwhelming and may make you nervous, there’s really no need to lose your head over the decision to get a pet. Everything will probably fall into place, and you’ll ask yourself why you were worried in the first place. Maybe we’re a generation of parents a bit too scared of something that comes pretty naturally – like having a pet, for example.

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