How to Teach Your Kids About Responsibility

It is the hope of every parent that their children will grow up to be responsible adults, but this is not something that will happen by itself. School will teach them a great deal about being responsible, but it is also down to the parent to show them the way, and this can be done in many different ways. Encouraging your kid to be responsible from a young age by giving them more responsibilities can have a huge impact on not only their independence but also their self-esteem and view of the world around them. Non-profit educational experiences can be a great way to introduce your children to the importance of responsibility, for example, as this article will mention. Read on for a few ways to reach your kids about responsibility.


This certainly won’t be one that they enjoy, but part of being a responsible person is doing things that you may not want to do but need to be done. Giving your child chores from a young age is a great way to encourage responsibility and will put them in good stead for when they move out. A few examples include doing the washing up, folding the laundry, making their bed, helping with dinner and washing the car.


Volunteering is a fantastic idea and a great way to encourage a child to get involved with a good cause whilst increasing their responsibility. Find something that they are passionate about and help them to find a voluntary position. As an example, they could volunteer with a pet rescue organization and learn how to care for unwanted animals. This will also instill an idea of the importance of caring for others before themselves and the benefits of giving back to the community once in a while. Non- profit organizations will instill the values of responsibility that you will want your child to adopt, so getting involved in a project together is a great way for your child to understand the importance of volunteering and how it can help.

Encourage Independence

As a parent, your natural reaction will be to help your child no matter what, but this is not always right. In some cases, it will be better to let them be independent whether this is picking out their own clothes, walking round to a friend’s house or making their own lunch. In addition to making them responsible for themselves, this can have a huge impact on their confidence and should be encouraged.

Providing Care

One of the most effective ways to teach responsibility to a child (which works for any age) is to allow them to provide care. The most obvious way to do this is to get a pet – this is a great idea as they are sure to be over the moon about it, but it will also be a large responsibility for them amongst other benefits. If you were to buy a cat, for example, then they will need grooming regularly as well as making sure that it gets enough attention and exercise.  Understanding the duty of care from a young age can ensure that your child will be able to be responsible as they grow up, and take matters into their own hands with confidence and familiarity as and when opportunities to do so arise.

Praise But Avoid Rewards

Children crave praise, and it is a good idea to praise them for assuming responsibilities. Responsibilities are about doing what needs to be done which means that rewards are not suitable as this would send the wrong message (these should be reserved for when they go above and beyond).

It is important to teach responsibility from a young age, and this can be done in many different ways for different age groups. The above are all great ways to teach your kids about responsibility and encourage them to become independent, confident and thoughtful adults.

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