Common Mistakes People Make When Putting Their RVs Away for the Winter

Many RV owners live in cold climates, so they end up storing their RV every winter. While this can protect them, there are some things you do need to do beforehand in order to keep your RV in good shape. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when putting their RVs away for the winter.

Not Cleaning It

Before storing an RV, it’s imperative that you clean it properly. All of the trash should be taken out, and the inside needs to be thoroughly wiped down and swept. You should also wash the outside. This will keep mold and mildew from growing during the time that the RV is stored.

Using Inadequate RV Storage

RVs need to be stored properly in order to avoid damage. Because of this, it’s imperative that you utilize adequate RV storage rather than just parking it in your driveway. The storage space should be completely enclosed so that it keeps the harsh elements out during the winter months. This will also help keep out pests seeking shelter.

Leaving Fluids in It

There are all sorts of fluids in the system of an RV that helps it run properly. However, these fluids can damage the RV if they are left when the weather starts to get frigid. This fluid will expand as it freezes, and it can actually cause lines, tanks, and fittings to burst. To keep this from happening, RV owners need to drain the fresh, grey, and black water tanks. You should open up every single faucet as well as the toilet valve. You will also need to drain the hot water heater as well.

To prevent condensation from damaging your gas lines, though, you will want to fill your gas tank to nearly full. To keep the gas in good condition throughout the winter months, add some fuel stabilizer to the tank as well.

Forgetting to Charge the Batteries

It’s not uncommon for an RV to have no issues starting up before it’s stored and a dead battery when you try to start it in the spring or summer. This is why many individuals charge their RV batteries before they put their RV into storage. It’s also a good idea to check the battery every month to make sure that it’s still holding a charge. This will ensure that their RV starts right up when they are ready to take it out of storage.

Before storing an RV, RV owners need to do a few things to prepare their RV for the winter. By avoiding all of the common mistakes mentioned above, your RV will be safer throughout the winter months and will be ready to go whenever you want to hit the road with it once the weather starts to warm up.

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