Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

Many of us can understand the deep emotional connection people form with their pets. Some of us might even understand the need Barbara Streisand had to clone her dog.

The holidays and special occasions are ideal for sharing the joy of giving with everyone, including your favorite four-legged friends and their human parents.

You might not like pets, or you like cats and find it challenging to find the perfect gift for your dog-loving friend. It isn’t easy to think of ideas that go beyond the average chew toy and snacks.

Fortunately, there are many options available that pet lovers might find helpful too. Here is a list of some genius gift ideas for pets and pet owners.

Petralyte Electrolyte Supplement for Dogs

Petralyte offers a variety of electrolyte supplements and nutrients, made especially for dogs. These products were created with the puppies in the producer’s mind, doing its best to protect them from dehydration. Therefore, the Petralyte electrolytes for dogs has become a perfect preventative measure to use for puppies. This product is not only easy to use, but also super convenient. All you need to do is mix the powdered supplement into your dog’s water. Thanks to its effective water absorption, you’ll keep your dog hydrated and healthy. This formula is veterinary-certified and it will help you maximize hydration to protect your “best friend’s” kidney, bladder, vision, muscle and heart health. What is more, it comes in three different pet-friendly flavors. So, you can choose between chicken, turkey and beef. 

Customized Pet Portrait

Every pet parent would love a custom portrait of their pet. Instapainting is known for its top-quality custom pet portraits. They offer oil paintings, watercolor, and other options to meet the preference of both the pet and owner. A custom pet portrait is a perfect way to show how much you value your pet.

Goody Box

Fill a box with chew toys, pet-friendly soft toys, and snacks that are appropriate for the size of the pet. Remember to add some holiday-themed Goody Boxes that would make the perfect seasonal present.

Pet Shower Attachment

Some pets are difficult to keep clean. They seem to prefer being muddy and stinky all the time. These shower wands can be attached to most tap outlets to turn any area into a bath area and makes bath time a pleasure.

Pop-Up Travel Bowl

These bowls are compact and lightweight, and some even feature extendable legs that allow the fur baby to drink without hunching over. It’s excellent for traveling or long walks.

Pet Camera

Some pets have a knack for getting into trouble, and a whirlwind seems to follow them through the house. A pet camera can help the owner check in on their pets, talk to them, and even dispense treats to reward positive behavior.

Matching Outfits

Any pet parent would love to wear the same shirt as their beloved pet. Find the set or a pattern and make it yourself for an extra special gift.

Smart Pet Collar

A smart pet collar tracks the pet’s movements and provides the owner with updates such as how many steps the pet has taken. They are invaluable when your pet escapes the yard or goes missing.

Keepsake Box

A memory box to keep the small special items of your pet. There are many available with special messages to remind the owner of how special their pet truly is.

Pet Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is always a great gift. Select one that features a collection of portraits of the pet owner’s favorite type of pet.


Buy a monthly subscription to the person’s favorite pet magazine or a delivery service that sends a monthly gift to the pet.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If the pet owner is complaining of pet hair everywhere, a robot vacuum cleaner can be just what they need. Some vacuums empty themselves into the base when they fill up and are great on tile and hardwood floors.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A little easy-to-transport cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for any pet owner to keep their house and carpet hair-free. These little vacuum cleaners are robust and have many uses.

Personalized Pet Name Tags

There are many options on the market for all types of pets. You can choose the look that best suits the pet’s character and have their name engraved on the name tag.

Personalized Notes

Design the perfect notes for your pet-loving friend with matching envelopes and have them delivered. They even come with matching envelopes. A thoughtful and helpful gift.

In Summary

There is a gift for every type of pet and pet parent if you give it some thought. Hopefully, these ideas have made it a bit easier to select the perfect genius gift.


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