How To Write A Travel Journal: 5 Things To Know

A trip, whether short or long, is always an adventure. It is similar to a treasure hunt, where participants are rewarded with new experiences, knowledge, new acquaintances, and many excellent photographs. Keeping a travel journal is a new trend among avid travellers. So, what exactly is it, and how can you make one with your own hands?

Keeping memories in beautiful albums was very popular about twenty years ago. The vacation photos were meticulously sorted, printed, and inserted into them. People began to refuse to print photos as digital technologies advanced, preferring to save files on the computer’s hard drive.

Nonetheless, this approach deprived the memories of the soul, and turned them into standard images. Gradually, the tradition of travel documentation began to revive. Millions of vacationers start travel journals these days. They are a one-of-a-kind combination of photographs, tickets, and other tour-related items.

How Do I Make Travel Journal?

Time and experiences pass quickly. Every day is full of new and unique adventures, particularly when you are visiting exciting places.

Every traveler knows how difficult it is to take it all in when you enjoy the moment. It is extremely difficult to recall, relive, and recapture your experiences after returning home.

Things You Need To Mention

Making a travel journal is an excellent way to save and share your memories with future generations and friends. You do not have to use the formal language used by essay writing service review professionals for research writing. Make it easy on yourself and take notes on:

  • Nature’s beauty;
  • Discoveries;
  • Experiences (dining, travel, cultural, etc.);
  • Exciting facts;
  • Unique stories told by the natives.

Things You Will Need To Make It

Consider how you will record memories, whether it will be visual, written, or a combination of the two. Use the services of the professionals at the recommended essay writing service to properly format the written data.

For example, you can make a collage or add a painting. Here are the materials you will need to create a dream journal:

  • Travel diary (A book that will include all your notes);
  • Pictures with autographs;
  • Brochures;
  • Pencils, acrylic watercolors, pens;
  • Tape or a glue stick;
  • Scissors;
  • Pictures;
  • Tickets;
  • Labels;
  • Wrappers;
  • Funny and cute stickers;
  • Postcards;
  • Scrapbooking paper;
  • Visiting cards;
  • Printed map of a tour.

What Should I Write In My Travel Journal?

The content and design of your future travel journal will be determined by your imagination. The stages of making a travel journal with your own hands are as follows:

Material collection

It is the first and most important stage, as well as the most time-consuming. It begins before the trip begins (when the tour is planned) and ends only when the bag is unpacked upon return. Purchase beautiful cards depicting local attractions, fill your pockets with business cards and take photos when visiting each new city in your travel book.

Choose the background

You will easily give the travel journal a single style and put together the elements that cannot be combined at first glance thanks to a well-chosen background. Tourist maps, large-format photos, scrapbooking paper, or printouts of thematic images are excellent options.

Work on the design

Create a design for each page. It is preferable if they have a distinct logical orientation. You can, for example, categorize materials based on the geographical principle and stages of the journey.

Another option is to create separate pages for the attractions, architecture, restaurants, cafes, and hotels where you stayed. At the very beginning of the journal, write some interesting facts about the city you will visit.

Stick it all

Fix the individual elements into a single rigid structure using scissors and an adhesive pencil. Make unusual frames and strokes with acrylic watercolours.

Fill the travel journal with content

If you have left space for text, you only need to fill it in after the journal has dried completely. It is best to make notes on the draft before transferring the text to the travel journal.

Using more than five contrasting tones for text is considered a bad tone and tasteless. The best solution is to limit yourself to two colour pens. The first colour should be combined with the page’s main solution (it will be used to highlight the titles), and the second colour should be used to write the main text.

Remember that first impression is the most powerful. Fill out several pages of your personal diary in the evenings while travelling. After a while, rereading records will undoubtedly plunge you back into a whirlpool of positive emotions.

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