4 Quiet Corners Of The Caribbean Worth Exploring

The world is such a small place these days that everywhere that is worth visiting has either been photographed to death and stuck up on Instagram or become totally overrun by tourists, which is exactly how most people would describe the Caribbean. C’mon, these islands are as close to paradise as anyone can get and, as a result, they aren’t exactly lacking on the tourist front, which begs the question, “what are you supposed to do when you want to enjoy turquoise lagoons all to yourself?”

Well, either you could give up on the Caribbean and head somewhere else or you could be clever about which Caribbean island gets your undivided attention. Oh, yeah, that’s right, there are more than enough islands poking out of those lush waters that cater to your need to escape to somewhere beautiful, and these are the best of the bunch. Before we go any further, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Turks and Caicos. This archipelago isn’t on the list of quiet corners of the Caribbean because it’s a place where people go to adventure. However, it is a fantastic part of this part of the world. If you venture there, be sure to check out Amanyara Turks and Caicos, a scenic sanctuary on the quiet western shores. 


We had to put Saba at the top of the list for the simple fact this volcanic island that explodes from the sea isn’t your typical beach-laden relaxation hotspot. Nope. Instead, it is ideal for hikers and divers. Actually, it is a paradise for hikers and divers. To start with the hiking, everyone here has to take on Mt. Scenery, which more than deserves its name, while anyone taking to the waters will find themselves lost in a world of underwater mountains and almost two-hundred species of fish.


Puerto Rico is one of the most sought-after getaways anywhere in the world. It is just this much-revered paradise that tourists the globe over flock to, hoping to relax, chill and soak up the warm rays. However, just fifteen miles offshore sits Culebra, an island that is rich in wildlife, gorgeous beaches, and barely any tourists whatsoever. It is like getting to enjoy your own private Caribbean island without having to shell out for it.


In 1995, the world here stopped when the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted and devastated the majority of this gorgeous little island. But two decades on and Montserrat is returning to the idyllic hideaway it once was. Most of the tourists who head this way, do so to enjoy volcano day trips. But once here, well, they realize there is more to this place than the stories of disaster and the volcanos that caused it. You have Rendezvous Bay, the observatory, Jack Boy Hill, Runaway Ghaut, and a national museum that will have you muttering the words, “wow,” more than just once.


The Grenadines are stunning beyond belief; the kind of place where no one would day add a filter to their pictures for worry of sinning. Of course, with great beauty comes great hordes of tourists… unless you know where to look and, in this instance, that should be the tiny island of Bequia. Ask anyone if they have heard of it and they will probably shake their heads unless they are keen divers or members of Princess Margaret’s entourage. It isn’t just for divers, though, as boaters and beach-lovers will find they’ll never want to leave either.

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