Home, Sweet Home: 6 Stylish Weekend Projects


The weekend is here and it’s finally time to rearrange a few things and freshen up your living space a bit. But you don’t like what you see in the stores, the trends this season are not to your taste or the prices are too high, and soon you’re out of your good mood and enthusiasm to add a few decorative and practical improvements to your home. But don’t worry, because here are some DIY ideas which can make your weekend and home stylish and creative.


If you want to be crafty and creative for the weekend, try decoupage – an easy and interesting way to turn your old or dull objects into new and interesting pieces. You can change the appearance of almost any item in your home. For example, you can change the look of that old stool bugging you for a while by lightly sanding its entire surface and then painting it with some paint. After the paint is dried, use some decoupage paper and glue it to the stool, in order to decorate it in desired sections.

Decorate your pillows

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then you can even make your own pillow case in whatever pattern and fabric you want. But if not, don’t fret, because you can still breathe life into your living area by adding the pillows you like. All you’re going to need is the desired fabric and glue. Draw the shape you need and cut it out from the fabric. Glue the shape to the surface of the pillow, and repeat the action until you achieve the desired design. This kind of pillow not only looks great, but is also machine washable even though it’s homemade.

Refresh your yard

This may sound like a job for a construction worker, but actually all you need are pots, flowers, flagstones, and outdoor chairs and tables. Soon enough you’ll have your own bistro to sip lemonade with your friends or enjoy a good book. You can put flowers in big, clay and earthen pots and place the flagstones around them, for which you won’t need mortar, or you can try your masonry skills and make a pathway. Instead of flagstones you can use pebbles or even marbles, whatever will bring out the best in your yard and your creativity.

Give an old bathroom a new look

The next craft will help you turn your old bathroom into a work of art. Since changing the tiles can last for days, tends to be expensive and leaves a lot of dirt, try something more interesting and fulfilling. It will cost you a trip to the tile shop or home depot and some charm. Ask the employees there if they have some broken tiles ready to be sent off with the rubbish removal services. Choose smaller and medium pieces in various colours and patterns.

With tile glue available in any specialised shop, fix the pieces in the style, shape, patterns and location on your existing tiles. You can make a mosaic or just randomly position your art, and thus revive the old tiles and give your bathroom a new look. You can try this with broken pieces of coloured glass, or old ceramic pieces, even go as far as to use old earrings or figurines.

Make your own chandelier

This one may sound like you’ll be doing a lot of work, but it’s actually more relaxing than lifting those flagstones in your yard. What you need is an iron wreath, with the diameter which you think would fit in great with your ceiling. You can choose a wreath with thicker rims to get more pronounced edges. Also, you’ll need various colors of ribbons to cut in the desired length. Now all you have to do is knot the ribbons around the wreath at their midpoints. What you’ll get is a beautiful ribbon chandelier which you can hang in place of your old one, or on it if it’s easier.

Do a table makeover

This DIY project will be right on trend with the rustic theme and style that has been very popular for some time now. You can do this with stools and chairs, too, but since we already talked about redecorating a stool in this article, this time we opted to do a table makeover. Take a small wooden coffee table, preferably round, but rectangular or any other shape could work since the rope is flexible. After sanding the top, spread adhesive on the surface and then spiral the rope around the centre. The final look will be a natural and refined coffee table in tune with the modern styles.


Don’t despair if you make a few mistakes or the final product is not what the tutorials showed. Try using the instructions and examples as a means to make DIY items just the way you want them to look, and not like someone else’s crafts. Don’t limit your creativity, set it free and refresh your home with some unique and inspirational pieces.

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