How to Help Your Kids With Online Learning

With the recent rise in the need for online learning programs and teaching at home, parents have more responsibility in helping kids with at-home learning. In order to help your children as best you can and stay ahead in this online learning market, it is important that you have all the essential information that will help you make a decision about enrolling your child. Below are a few tips that you can use to be the best at teaching during COVID you can possibly be.

Keeping Up With Assignments

The first thing you want to make sure you are on top of is your student’s at-home assignments. For younger students making sure to check in frequently and see if your child is on task is important because there is no longer the teacher there to make sure they are doing their assignments. It is going to be up to you to make sure that your child, especially if they are younger is following through with assignments and staying focused during online classes. 

With older children, you will not have to be as hands-on in monitoring their work but having an assignment calendar to keep track of their classes and assignments can be helpful in helping them keep track of their own work.

Keep a Structured Schedule

Another way you can help your kids get to their classes and make sure they are still getting the education they need is to set up a schedule for classes that is the same every day. Perhaps they have Zoom classes with their teachers in the morning and then they have homework time from 1-2 or they have set time for projects and assignments. 

One of the first steps to preparing your child is to know her or his personality. If your child has problems paying attention in a classroom setting, consider finding an alternative method for teaching him or her. You might find that you can successfully teach him or her to read, or perhaps use a video-based program. as an alternative.

Giving them a way to schedule their day will help them to stay focused and motivated during the day. This can make starting school at home easier. 

Have a Desk for them to use

With all of the changes in school structure and the need to take classes online, it is a great idea to create a special area for your kids to go to to take care of schoolwork. This way that part of the house is where they work and learn and then the rest of the house doesn’t also feel like a school zone. 

If you take the time to even set up chairs, a desk and have paper and pencils set out for them to use, it creates a positive learning environment, but also helps to keep school and home separate. Take the time to look for ways to keep school and home still separated. 

Take Breaks

With having a structured schedule make sure to take the time to have breaks in between classes, or to have times for your kids to go out and play. Plan an hour for a lunch break and give your kids snack breaks and even outside time to go out and play in between long sessions of classwork.

This is a great way to help break up the day and make schoolwork more manageable. With the stresses of COVID and being quarantined by family and friends it is a good idea to have ways to relieve your children’s stress and give them time to play and have fun.

Enlist Help

Many online classes do offer some sort of mentoring services that can help students prepare for their online classes. Online mentors may be able to provide additional lessons or help students understand concepts that they may find difficult.

If you are struggling to keep up with all of your kids or don’t know how to help them with their assignments you might consider hiring a professional tutor. You can hire tutors that can help you online to stay socially distanced. You can look for tutoring programs in your area, for instance, if you live in Texas you can look into a reading tutor program in Frisco, TX. If you live across the pond, and your child is having trouble with math, an Oxford Maths tutor could be just the solution. 

Stay Positive

Whatever your current schooling situation it is important to try and stay positive as you are working through this new way of teaching. It can certainly feel stressful to constantly be a parent and teacher but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. If you need a break, chances are your kids need a break too. So take the time to go do something fun and remember to enjoy this time with your family.

Regardless of whether your child is able to attend an online classroom or not, be prepared to make an impact on them.


Online classes can be both rewarding and helpful for your child. The only thing that you need to do is prepare them for the challenges ahead of time. After all, it is your child’s education, so it is up to you to make sure they have the best possible chance at succeeding.


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