2021 Gardening Trends To Watch

Gardening as a hobby has been popular for decades, although there have been considerable changes in the forms and maintenance of plants that can be seen throughout this long period. People have always enjoyed cultivating different crops, plants and flowers. This trend has arisen from distinct reasons, the primeval was survival, hence cultivating food for consumption while in later periods it was for the appealing looks and smell a nicely arranged garden had.

The trend of gardening has regained its popularity in the year 2020, probably due to the coronavirus pandemic we’re still dealing with. Many people in the whole world have been working from home, thus spending a lot of their time inside. And gardening came as an attempt to reconnect with nature, especially in lockdown periods when your own yard and garden were the only possible way to do so. If you’re one of the people who have found joy in gardening, take a look at some unusual gardening trends that are expected to grow in 2021

The importance of gardening sustainably and how to do it effectively

Recent trends in garden design don’t just refer to the appealing looks of a garden. They also refer to the proper and sustainable ways of maintaining it. We should try to find an eco-friendly way for everything we do, that’s the only way to help ourselves and our planet. If you’re interested in not just cultivating a beautiful garden, but also creating a practical, functional and eco-friendly one, take a look at some ways to do that.

DIY compost

Making your own compost rather than buying a ready-made one is more productive for many reasons. It is better for the environment generally, for your own garden and of course for your wallet as well. Do your research and learn about how to make a composting pit in your yard and also what to put in it and what to avoid, how to make balanced compost. There are many free useful tutorials online. 

Cultivate local plants and flowers

Find out which plants, trees and flowers are local in your area and plant them. They are easier to maintain as the climate suits them. As far as trees are concerned, make sure you plant some as they not only make your yard more aesthetically appealing but they also absorb CO2 and give off oxygen. They are also food, shelter and protection for some insects and animals. Moreover, if planted in the right way, they can save you energy and money as they can cool your home during hot summer months. 

Conserve water

You can conserve water in many different ways. For example, you can plant some drought-tolerant plants and place plants that need more water in moist spots. You can also collect rainwater and use it for watering. Another alternative is using a retractable garden hose, which prevents dripping, is simple to wind up and enables you to water your plants with ease and without excessive wasting of water. It is a neat and tidy hose storage solution. 

Based on Google data reports and analysis of what people searched for and posted online, concerning the gardening trends, the following trends have been singled out as the most popular ones for the year 2020. This data can be used as an indicator of what to expect in the following year when it comes to gardening trends. For more ideas contact Fort Worth arborists for garden care advice.

An attractive garden on your balcony

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have some kind of a green oasis. It just means that you must be more creative. Balcony gardens are quite popular all over the world as many people don’t have a yard of any kind. Potted plants are great for this kind of a garden as you can move them easily. 

A garden gone wild

This type of garden is perfect for people who are not very good at or keen on the maintenance of their gardens. The basic principle that underlies this type of garden is simply letting it go the way it wants to. Essentially, you allow the plants and flowers to go wild, and possibly attract insects and small birds. 

Simple and effective vertical gardens

There is a green solution even for those people who are limited with balcony space. The solution is called ‘vertical gardens’ or ‘planters’. As its names suggest, in this trend you actually arrange your plants vertically, against a wall. In that way, you don’t use any extra space from your balcony. These can add a touch of nature to your balcony, even in the centre of a city.

An organic vegetable garden

It’s also called the ‘no-dig garden’ because this method is used for organic cultivation of vegetables, which doesn’t require you to turn soil manually between growing crops, fruits, or veggies. People like this method because, besides growing their own food, it’s not hard work. 

The flowing garden

The flowing garden or the inside-outside garden is about extending your interior to the exterior by using different plants, flowers and succulents, placed in unusual and unique pots and planters. The end result makes your garden feel like a continuation of your home.

A miniature windowsill garden

A windowsill is a perfect place for growing seasonal plants and flowers. People usually use some colorful flowers to make a stunning windowsill garden people admire from the street. Another popular option for a windowsill garden is planting some useful kitchen herbs. 

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and we charge our energy by doing so. Think about your home and the ways you can complement it by adding some greenery, you’ll see the difference in the atmosphere and the vibe your home is bound to send out with this change.

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