The Perfect Gifts For Family Members This Christmas

2020 was the year nobody saw coming. Many of us entered this year feeling hopeful, only to find that the world had other plans in store! While some people have still had a great year on a personal level, it is safe to say that the upheaval of our lives has taken its toll on most of us. Wherever you are from in the world, the coronavirus pandemic has likely affected how you live. 

No matter what is happening in the world, time keeps ticking on, and after the whirlwind year of 2020, Christmas is fast approaching. You might be spending this year with a smaller group of people than usual due to coronavirus restrictions – or if you are a front-line worker, you might be working through the holidays – but whatever your plans, you are bound to be planning your gifts by now. Gift giving is stressful for some people who find the pressure of giving the perfect present overwhelming; this year, this stress might be extrapolated by the difficult year we have all had.

In this blog, you will find perfect gifts for family members this Christmas. Useful ones, fun ones, sentimental ones – they’re all here! If you’re lacking in inspiration for 2020 Christmas gifts, read on to find some innovative Christmas gift ideas. 

Practical Gifts

For some members of your family, a practical gift is a perfect way to say ‘I love you.’ Not everyone is into sparkles and embellishments; instead, something that’ll help them get things done in their everyday routine can be more desirable. This year we have all had to stay at home much more than we usually would, so when it comes to giving a practical gift to a practical thinker, something for their home won’t go amiss. 

Here are some practical home gifts that will show your most stoic and frugal family members that you care about this Christmas!

  • A spider catcher! These fun gifts will never go amiss in any household, particularly an old house with lots of cracks and crevices for spiders to find their way into. Spider catchers, which look a little like trash collectors with a bristly end to them, allow you to humanely scoop up a spider and take them outside – without having to get too close. This is an ideal tool for anyone who is looking for a practical Christmas gift, particularly if they aren’t a fan of eight-legged housemates. 
  • An eco laundry egg! These fabulous products are all the rage among frugal people who are trying to do their part for the planet. The eco egg is a hollow plastic egg containing beads that, when placed into a washing machine with your dirty laundry, act as detergents. These beads gradually dissolve over time and can be easily replaced. The eco egg leaves your laundry smelling clean and means you avoid buying plastic detergent bottles.
  • A yoga mat! You can find cost-effective yoga mats online that will help your practical-minded family member get the most out of lockdown restrictions. If you know they love yoga or at-home workouts in general, this is a great gift. These mats can double up as general exercise mats and help protect a person’s knees and wrists when practicing yoga at home.

Fun Gifts

For the wackier family members you are buying for, a fun-loving gift from a unique store like Novelty Street will really lift their spirits. There are many gift ideas to make them feel special at Christmas. Here are a few more of our favorites…

  • Brightly colored winter accessories set! A hat, scarf, and gloves knitted in funky, bright colors would be well received by a playful family member who wants to stay warm and accessorize. Plus, you could support local businesses by buying from a non-chain apparel boutique. 
  • A voucher for a spa day! One thing we have all missed this year is being free to access self-care treatments like manicures and pedicures! You could treat your family member to a fun spa voucher for when lockdown is over and beauty facilities reopen.
  • A make-your-own kit! Giving someone a fun kit that can embark them on a new project is a lot of fun. For example, you could give them a get-started-with-knitting kit, or perhaps a watercolor set, to spark their creative flair for 2021!

If someone in your family has had a particularly rough year, Christmas is the time to acknowledge that you are there for them no matter what. Giving sentimental gifts doesn’t have to be mushy; it can be a sincere way of saying you’re always by their side. Here are a few ideas for sentimental Christmas gifts.

  • Personalized gifts. If this person has recently lost somebody close to them, or perhaps has gone through a rough year personally, a personalized gift or piece of jewelry really shows you care. 
  • A photo book. You can have photo books and calendars professionally made which commemorate your time with a person you love. This would be the perfect gift for someone in your family with whom you are particularly close, in order to show them how much you value them. 

Make them something with your own hands. Spending money on Christmas gifts means a lot, but making something with your own hands, spending your time, thought, and energy on it? Priceless. Making something such as a small knitted item, a painted mug or even baked goods really shows you love somebody.

Gifts To Avoid!

As well as gifts that are perfect for a 2020 Christmas, there are a few things that are best avoided this year. We have all felt a little sensitive this year – plus, many people’s priorities have changed over the course of the year. Here are gifts that are best avoided this Christmas. 

  • Anything regarding weight loss. Giving somebody a yoga mat is a kind way of encouraging them to spend some gentle time moving their body at home, but giving someone a gift that encourages them to lose weight is a no-no. This could be a weight loss recipe book, shapewear, or exercise clothing. During the lockdown, many people have gained weight due to increased time spent at home, as well as gym closures, restrictions on outdoor exercise, and stress eating. Weight is a touchy subject at the best of times, so leave it out of your Christmas repertoire.
  • Hygiene products. Unless you are very close with somebody and you know they won’t take offense, hygiene products should be avoided at Christmas. However much you like a particular brand of soap or breath freshener, giving this to somebody else might insinuate that they have poor hygiene. Stay away!
  • A pet. However much you think this is a good idea, it isn’t. Unless the pet has been discussed in great detail leading up to Christmas, and you have a plan in place for its long-term care, buying a pet as a Christmas gift is one of the worst things you can do. As soon as the cute novelty wears off, you will have to return to your regular routine factoring in this animal’s care. Many Christmas puppies end up in rescue shelters when they are fully grown – don’t fall into the trap of pets as Christmas gifts. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas will soon be here, and although it might look different to our normal festive celebrations this year, the act of gift-giving never changes. Use this guide to help you pick the perfect gift for your family this Christmas.

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