The Best Gifts for Family Members In Isolation

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or just a little token of your love for someone you hold dear, you can’t go wrong with a well-thought-out gift, big or small. Now more than ever is a good time to express our compassion and care for those who are closest to us. Many people consider 2020 to have been one of the hardest years in memory, and while things are certainly looking up, we’re not out of the woods just yet. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who had a decent year despite recent events, it’s almost a guarantee that you know at least one person who could use a thoughtful pick-me-up.

However, choosing a gift that shows how much you care could also be considered more difficult than ever. The world around us is changing faster than many of us can keep up with, and entire categories of gifts that would ordinarily be no-brainers are now completely off the table! It can be especially challenging to buy gifts for people who are usually active and out, but don’t worry. With a little bit of perseverance (and this handy guide), you can find the perfect gift for anyone no matter how far isolation finds them outside of their comfort zone! Here are some gift ideas for a family in Isolation. 


Considering the situation that we all find ourselves in, it’s only natural that this list will cover things that can be enjoyed in and around the home, where we’re spending just a little bit more time than we would like. Seeing the same surroundings for most of our waking hours can very quickly become stifling, to say the least. It’s at times like these that it’s best to decorate one’s home with objects of sentimental value, making wall and place decor a perfect gift for family members that are stuck at home, particularly grandparents.

This isn’t limited to just furniture and picture frames. More than things that they can just look at, people who are close to you will appreciate items that they can interact with, store things in, and feel a genuine convenience-based contribution from. Keepsake boxes, chests, shelves, and other decorative storage can go miles in livening up daily rituals that no doubt seem mundane this deep into quarantine. Variety is the spice of life in both easy and hard times, and there’s no end to how well you can liven up someone’s day-to-day with decor.

Food and Drink 

When it comes to matters of isolation, vices can quickly become virtues.

Well, perhaps you shouldn’t take it that far, but it’s certainly a time where a little over-indulgence could be easily forgiven. We’ve all got a bit more time on our hands, and considering what we can do, it’s never a bad time to celebrate what one does have with a little food and drink! To this end, edible arrangements or liquor or wine packages could go a long way in making the day-to-day drudgery of quarantine go down a little bit smoother. These are some of the most classic and warm gifts in history, and will certainly brighten up a holiday (or any day) for the right member of your family. 

Tech and Hobbies

Got a member of your family who is a tech aficionado? The gifts practically pick out themselves. Maybe you have a family member who has never been good with gadgets — there has never been a better time to learn! When it comes to a schedule that stays largely the same every day, the best thing to buy for a bored family member of any age is a new toy or piece of hardware that they’ve never had the chance to try out! 

If your family member is not into tech, there are tons of gift options that will help your family member start a new hobby or learn a new skill. A craft kit is a great gift for this purpose. For someone who likes arts, crafts, and fashion, consider giving them a beading kit consisting of a wide assortment of beads, beading tools and supplies, and beading guide books or magazines. This way, they have everything they need to begin learning and creating.

Tech allows us to interact with life in ways we never thought possible, as well as pursue hobbies that we’d need a full-blown paid education to approach otherwise. Think carefully about the things that your family member has said that they’ve always wanted to do “if only they had the time.” What we are experiencing right now is certainly inconvenient and frustrating, but it is also an opportunity to open new doors for ourselves. 

When it Comes to Sentimentality, Trust Your Instincts

Of course, it’s tempting to buy your loved one something that puts a dollar sign on how much you care, like an expensive trip or a fancy car. But if there’s one thing we’re realizing now more than ever and it’s that money can’t create happiness in every situation. Deep down, you’ll know just the sort of sentimental gift that will put a huge smile on your loved one’s face, so don’t hesitate to stray out of your comfort zone and buy them something new that will completely blow them away. 

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