Top Home Projects for Coronavirus Quarantine

As the world continues to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have been spending more time indoors than usual. While we’re all optimistic about the idea of returning to life pre-pandemic now that vaccines are rolling out, it is going to be a little while before we can return to our previous day-to-day lifestyle. 

While you wait, this is the perfect time to work on home projects. Perhaps you’ve always had a long-postponed project because you lacked time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to upgrade or restyle your space. Here are some top home projects you can work on while you’re hunkered down. 

Pay Attention to Your Doors

Doors are one of the most neglected home decor elements in homes. If you think about it, you use your front, back, and interior doors every day. So, it’s likely that they don’t look their best after years of use. Your front door is the first thing that a visitor interacts with when they come to your home. How is the condition of the door? Does it look old and neglected? What about the door hardware? Are the door handles tarnished? 

These are some of the questions you should be paying attention to when inspecting your doors. You could even be using damaged locks that keep frustrating you when trying to open them with your keys. There’s no better time to renovate your doors and upgrade your door locks and door hardware than now. If you’re concerned about security and losing keys, upgrade to a keyless entry door lock for your entry and back doors.

Also, consider these tips for your doors:

  • Restore your interior doors with simple DIY tips
  • Paint your front door to add a pop of color to your home
  • Replace old and shabby door handles for a new look
  • Install trim around your front and back door for a drastic look
  • Add a welcome mat for your front door
  • Decorate with metallic elements and a wreath or sign

Do Some Re-Organizing for a Fresh Perspective

The pandemic has significantly affected household incomes, which means you’re likely not going to spend money on a complete renovation of your home. How about rearranging, re-organizing, and redecorating your game room, living room, and bedroom? There are numerous ways you can do this:

  • Instead of repainting the whole room, paint one wall a new color as an accent wall
  • Try a new furniture layout in your living spaces
  • Mix decor elements like rugs and lamps from other rooms
  • Add a wallpaper border or use a stencil to paint a fun pattern
  • Restyle your bookshelves or wall artwork
  • Get a few affordable standout pieces like rustic wall hangings, a colorful light fixture, greenery with lush leaves, colorful fabrics, and a statement rug

Rethink Your Storage Organization

An average home has so much to store that there never seems to be enough space for everything. And this always leads to cluttered storage that often leads to frustration at some point. If you need additional storage space, you can opt for smart storage solutions like open wall-shelves on empty kitchen walls to showcase your everyday cooking essentials. You can also consider a small bathroom renovation and include a floating vanity to add style and functionality to your bathroom. 

Even with existing space, you can still use the extra time you have to rethink your organization across your home:

  • Start by working on your closet – Take everything out, get rid of what you no longer use, clean the closet, and then sort your clothes and shoes by category and hand them or store them in an organized way. 
  • Clean your entryway – From coat stands to shoes, doormats, and decor, things can accumulate very quickly in your entryway. Get rid of what you don’t need. 
  • Label your storage and supplies – To ensure a more organized household, make it a habit to label your storage and supplies in your garage, kitchen pantry, and shed. That will save you lots of time. 

Improve Your Home Lighting

Your lighting is a crucial element in the overall design of your home. It’s easy to ignore the not-so-appealing lighting you’ve been using for years. You can quickly move from an unwelcome and dingy look in your rooms to something warm and appealing by merely improving your lighting. A quick look at some of the most popular lighting trends in 2021 will give you an idea of how to transform your lighting across your home. 

  • Replace those old bulbs with energy-efficient and brighter LEDs
  • Clean those lamps hang in your ceilings and lampshades
  • Clean your window shades and curtains
  • Open the windows a bit more for natural light to come in

Give Your Garden and Yard a New Look

Nothing’s more exciting than getting to spend time with your family in your own small oasis. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a small outdoor balcony, a big front yard, or a spacious backyard with a swimming pool, there are a few steps you can take to transform your outdoor spaces for a more welcoming feel. 

  • Sweep off the dust and dirt from your patio and balcony
  • Clean up your yard and garden to remove all clutter
  • Do some landscaping on your lawn, weeding, and cut overgrown shrubs
  • Work on your garden and replant flowers
  • Repaint your patio, outdoor furniture, and planters

Use Your Free Time Wisely

While the quarantine and stay-at-home experience hasn’t been the highlight of our lives, there are ways to make it better. With a bit of creativity, planning, and brainstorming, you can easily transform your home without spending much. Do it together with your family to make it even more fun while keeping in mind the latest health and safety measures. 


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