11 of the Word’s Hidden Gems Worth Visiting

We are so engrossed with the ‘best’ or ‘popular’ destinations to the point that we overlook the beauty of other worth-visiting locations. How much do you know about the best kept secret places in the world? Would you get a Jettly flight out to them if you knew how wonderful they were?

Below is a compiled list of some of the breathtaking spots and hidden gems you may not have heard of but are worthy of your visit. Let them fill up your thirst for a real adventure, and thank us later! 

Horta, Barcelona 

Love maze games? Now’s the perfect time to adopt those techniques and reach the highest peak of a challenge with Labyrinth Park! It is located in Horta, Barcelona. Make turns and twists of the eponymic maze and be in awe of the settings. Here, you’ll find a statue of Eros and more Greek gods. Let your mind relax with small ponds and waterfalls just across the pathways. 

Binsar, India 

We’re calling all wildlife enthusiasts! If you’re looking for an ultimate adventure, we suggest dropping by in Binsar. Wildlife, jungles, heights, and serenity – they’re all here! It is called the trekker’s Nibbana. Covered with a gigantic wildlife sanctuary, it is a hub to many of the extraordinary wildflowers, animals, and birds. 

Sungai Lembing, Malaysia 

If rainbow waterfall arouses your curiosity, Malaysia has one of the gorgeous secret spots you should try visiting this year. It perfectly fits people who have an innate love for adventure and the jungle’s natural exquisiteness. It exhibits a rainbow color every time the sunlight hits the waterfall. It usually happens between nine to ten in the morning, so it’s better to plan your nature escapade earlier so you won’t miss the highlight. 

Mancora, Peru 

Beaches are always included in most people’s holiday exploit to-do list. A trip to Mancora, Peru, might be what you need! Adore the beautiful wood, stone, and beautiful tranquility. It is the best place if you want to unwind and retreat, whether through fishing, dining, yoga, or similar activities. 

Tehran, Iran

Perhaps skiing suits best your physical skill? If so, go ahead and visit a ski resort situated in Tehran and get to experience the highest peak of mountains. You can also find Dizin’s larger resort – only two hours north. 

Omodos Village, Cyprus 

While a small village, Omodos is pretty popular for wine lovers. It has some of the best winemakers you’ll find in Europe. The village is also prominent for the Arkatena Bread. 

Mljet Island, Croatia 

Forget about the buzzing road or city for a while and treat yourself to one-of-a-kind travel in Croatia’s wild island. Mljet Island in Dalmatia is a true paradise for those who want to escape the city’s chaotic life. Only a few people reside here, but the list of adventures is endless. From red wine to swimming and hiking, boredom will never exist in your dictionary.   


Known as Africa’s best-kept secret, Madagascar is notable for its spectacular and erratic wildlife. In fact, it claims that ninety percent of its wildlife is found nowhere else! And unknown to many, it has some incredible beaches, such as Nosy Be, which is the city’s most picturesque coastal location. For a private island escapade, head to Miavana and stay at one of its deluxe, environmentally-friendly accommodations. 


Exotic, rare wildlife, succulent forests, and safe cities – these are what Congo can offer to make your travel experience memorable. Get closer to nature through trekking, cruising, and kayaking. 

Sebring, Florida 

Florida is highly prominent for its theme park resorts such as Walt Disney World and sandy beaches like South Beach, Miami. But there’s more to discover! For instance, Sebring boasts astounding beaches, attractive lakes, ancient districts, and a lot more. There’s no shortage of fun things to do here. You can visit the stunning vineyard called Henscratch Farms or watch the international raceway. 

Wanda, Argentina 

While staying in Argentina, why not spend an afternoon in the town of Minas de Wanda? It is well-known for its semiprecious stone mines – topaz, amethysts, name it. You are not only given a chance to discover how your favorite gems are extracted and refined. You can also purchase a set or two trinkets you can bring home or even send as a gift to someone. 

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