Should You Go With White or Grey Kitchen Cabinets?

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The choice of kitchen cabinet colour is a hotly debated topic in the home improvement community, especially with muted colours like white and grey. Some love the modern feel of a grey wash, while others enjoy how white brightens up the room! 

So, what is the better choice—white or grey kitchen cabinets? The answer comes down to more than personal style preference. Things like maintenance and atmosphere play a large role. So, for those who are unsure which colour to choose, we’ll delve into the subject in more detail below. 

If you end up opting for light grey cabinets, you’ll likely want to design your kitchen in a way that ensures a perfect aesthetic fit. For design ideas, check out this blog post on pairing grey kitchen cabinets with dark countertops:

Grey or white kitchen cabinets: pros and cons

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Both white and light grey kitchen cabinets have positive and negative points. However, which colour’s pros outweigh the cons comes down to what a homeowner is looking for in terms of style, maintenance, and resale value. Let’s examine these points further below:

Aesthetics and style

The aesthetic and kitchen style a homeowner is going for is greatly impacted by colour, especially the colour of the cabinets, as they are one of the main focal points of the room. 

For those who want a more modern and elegant look in their kitchen, grey is a good choice. It’s a very versatile colour, as grey comes in different shades that can be paired with both warm and cool tones. 

White, on the other hand, is a good choice for homeowners who want a more classic, timeless look in their kitchen. It’s also a good choice for those who like to mix and match colours, as it works as a neutral backdrop. 

Additionally, white is great for homeowners with smaller kitchens, as this colour will make the room appear larger.

Overall, when it comes to individual style, there is no right or wrong answer in regard to colour. Rather, homeowners should examine the interior plans they have for their kitchen, comparing them with both white and grey to see what best fits their vision.

Cleaning and maintenance

While both white and grey are good colour choices for the kitchen, there are some cons when it comes to cleaning and maintaining white cabinets. 

Because white is so bright, it’s easy to point out spots that are soiled with food and oil splashes, dust, and grime. This is a particular issue for those who cook often and have overhead cabinets. They may find themselves having to wipe down their doors and clean their kitchen cabinets daily. 

In contrast, because grey is darker, it’s easier for dust and grime to be less obvious. While homeowners should clean their cabinets regularly, those with grey cabinets won’t have to as often as those whose cabinets are painted white.

Resale value

There are many things to consider when it comes to the resale value of a home, and colour plays a big role (and so, should be a big consideration in the choice of white or grey kitchen cabinets). 

Many who are looking to purchase a new home prefer properties with neutral colours like grey and white, as it allows them to individualize it to their taste without having to do a big paint job. 

While both grey and white are viable options for kitchen cabinets in this instance, a light grey is likely the best option. The colour is light enough that it works well against other light or bold tones. 

However, dark grey cabinets aren’t always the best choice when selling a home, as the darker colour isn’t suitable for all styles, especially for those looking for a more bold and more modern aesthetic. 

As well, white is cautioned against, as many potential buyers may not like the idea of having to regularly clean their cabinets.

Aesthetics that fit white or light grey kitchen cabinets

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There are many different kitchen aesthetics to choose from that pair well with white and grey kitchen cabinets. Let’s examine a few different options:

Grey cabinets


The farmhouse aesthetic is quite popular, as it gives off a cozy, homespun feeling that fits every season. The kitchen materials used for this type of design include wood, iron, copper, and natural stone, and grey is common among the colour palette for this style. 

This type of kitchen is a combination of antique and modern, so grey cabinets would fit in quite well with the raw materials mentioned above. For instance, a grey quartz countertop would pair nicely with white or light grey cabinets. 

Homeowners could go the extra mile by distressing the paint on their cabinets, which would add nicely to the antique look.


Modern-style kitchens are quite popular with individuals who defer to minimalism, as this design style’s clean, simplistic look is very much the focus. 

Those who choose this type of design for their kitchen likely won’t focus on having too many ornamental objects around but rather focus on appliances, utensils, and other items that serve a functional purpose. 

Grey cabinets give a kitchen a sleek, elegant, and clean feel and would therefore be a great colour choice for a modern-style kitchen. Dark grey paint would enhance the modern vibe and make the room pop out.

White cabinets

French Country

French Country is similar to the Farmhouse aesthetic, but it focuses more on decor and craft styles that were popularized in the French countryside. This style generally features gilded finishes, copper and iron kitchenware, and statement overheads for the stove and focuses on a pale, neutral colour palette. 

Most shades of white would pair well with this style, but cream-white kitchen cabinets are often sought-after for this type of design. The slightly darker shade of white contributes more to the antique feel that one would get from a genuine French country house! 

Which is better: white or grey kitchen cabinets?

Overall, the choice between white or grey kitchen cabinets depends on the personal design taste of the homeowner, their priorities in regards to eventually selling their property, and the level of maintenance they’re willing to perform.

That being said, if a homeowner is in between style choices but would like a neutral colour palette, there are a few different styles they could choose from, some of which we’ve listed above!

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