Latest Trends on Kitchen Cabinets

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This year’s kitchen cabinet trends are based on classics that don’t get old yet still look fresh and beautiful. Dark walnut cabinetry, for instance, keeps things simple but bespoke. Pair this with a light marble countertop to create a feeling of space and a sense of nostalgia. Another fun trend is the sink skirt, which provides an opportunity for texture and pattern. This is a great way to soften a kitchen scheme while retaining a timeless look. It’s also a great way to change out the look of the base cabinet doors, especially if you’re inclined to change the style frequently.

Open Shelving

If you’ve been looking for a way to give your kitchen a modern, clean look, open shelving might be the way to go. Once reserved for white or wood floating shelves, open shelving is now available in various materials, including metal framing. The idea behind this style is to make small spaces appear larger, and the open shelves are perfect for displaying tall decorative pieces. It can also be done without spending a lot of money. Listed below are some tips to make open shelves work for your kitchen.

First of all, open shelves don’t require a great deal of maintenance. While they’re easy to clean, you’ll still have to check for dust and dirt, especially on lower shelves where bigger serving platters, pitchers, and other items can collect dust. In addition to cleaning, you may need to regularly oil the wood shelves if they’re made of untreated wood.

High-Quality Woods

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials for kitchen cabinets near Phoenix, and it comes in various types. One of the most popular is solid wood, which boasts beautiful wood grain and textures. While this material is expensive, it is also known for its durability and adaptability to different styles. Because of this, solid wood is the most expensive option for kitchen cabinets, but it is a material that is designed to last for decades.

If you’re looking for durable, long-lasting wood, consider pecan wood, a member of the hickory tree family. Pecan wood is a beautiful choice for long-lasting kitchen cabinets and is also highly resistant to scratches, dents, and decay.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets can be a great way to break up the monotony of a dark kitchen. Choose a lighter color for the lower and darker tones for the upper cabinets. This way, you can create a sense of depth in the room. You can use textured materials in your backsplash and cabinets to make them look more exciting and unique.

This type of color scheme requires some extra care in choosing the right two-tone combination. For example, a sunny yellow and a pale buttercream tone would be great, but the more striking colors would require more attention. If you want to use two-tone cabinets as an accent, use a contrasting color for the walls.

Sensor-Operated Faucets

Sensor-operated faucets are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial kitchens. These faucets detect a person’s hand’s proximity to a sensor on the faucet. Once the hand is within range of the sensor, the faucet will automatically turn on. This technology has several benefits over traditional faucets.

Sensor-operated faucets have four key components. These include a power source, spout, and solenoid valve. They use a sensor, usually an infrared or ultrasonic sensor, which detects motion. These sensors are usually located on the front or side of the faucet. Some faucets even have sensors hidden behind the spout.

Sensor-operated faucets typically require four or six AA batteries and a screwdriver to remove the battery box. To remove these faucets, unscrew the battery box and disconnect the holder wire.

European Style Cabinets

A European aesthetic emphasizes the use of alternative materials. Often the materials are mixed, creating a texture and visual effect. For example, one popular style uses glass surfaces and textured wood. Using these materials has opened up new design possibilities, enabling designers to use colors and textures not possible before. The use of contrasting materials can also create an illusion of depth, enhancing a kitchen’s look.

European-style kitchen cabinets have a sleek, modern look. They also lack frames and are often made of materials with no visible hardware. These cabinets are also known for their high storage capacity.

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