What Do Commercial Roofers Do?

The most important aspect of a business besides its products or services is its place of business itself. Just as a home protects its residents, commercial establishments protect the products and other investments of the company. Most of these establishments come in the form of a building, warehouse, or structures with complex designs reflecting the image the business wishes to project. Though commercial establishments may have different forms and designs, they do have one thing in common: a roof is specially designed to provide superior protection.

Roofs over commercial structures are usually made using industrial design specifications and sturdier quality materials than required for the construction of residential homes. Therefore, the construction and maintenance of commercial roofs fall into the hands of roofing specialists called commercial roofers. They specialize in installing, maintaining, renovating, and repairing roofs in commercial establishments. 

A Commercial Roofer’s Role in Designing and Constructing Commercial Establishments

EXPERT DESIGN. A commercial roofer plays a crucial part in building design and planning.

Constructing a commercial establishment requires the expertise of different companies, including architectural and construction firms, foundation engineering companies, and many more. One such company that plays a significant role in the design and construction phase is a commercial roofer.

In the design phase, a commercial roofing company will inspect the proposed design of the structure and analyze the roofing plans. Though they usually won’t design the roof, they will need to sign off on the feasibility of the design. They’ll also need to decide on the type and quality of the materials used to bring the design to life.

When construction begins, the commercial roofing company will monitor the progression of the roof construction. They will ensure that the roof is constructed in accordance with the design plans. Once completed, the roofing company will also perform tests on the roof to identify flaws and ensure that the roof is free of any structural defects.

A Commercial Roofer’s Role in Maintaining, Repairing, and Renovating Commercial Roofs

KEEPING THE ROOF SAFE AND SOUND. Only a commercial roofer can perform a roof inspection and maintenance tasks correctly and safely.

For businesses, properties must be kept in top shape to prevent any damage to their investment. As such, they usually arrange for a commercial roofing company to perform regular maintenance on the roof, repair it when required, or renovate the roof should the company make changes in the property’s design.

Most people are unaware that the repair and maintenance of a commercial roof is a bit more complex than a residential roof. This is primarily because of their design. If you notice, most commercial establishments have flat roofs. A flat roof is the design of choice for most companies because not only do they cost less to construct, but they also provide better protection. However, maintaining a flat roof can sometimes be more complex and challenging because this type of roof tends to trap rainwater and snow.

Therefore, not only does the roof need to be structurally stable enough to accommodate additional weight, but it also has to be designed to withstand the damage that water and snow usually extend to roofing materials. This is typically why commercial roofs are made with high-quality roofing materials exceeding the required specifications of a residential roof, especially regarding weather- and waterproofing.

Additionally, commercial roofs require a maintenance schedule that is more frequent than what residential roofs call for. For instance, residential roofs only need to be inspected twice a year, but their commercial counterparts need to be examined more frequently, meaning they’ll require maintenance more often. The commercial roofing company’s job is to inspect the roof’s quality and condition and recommend the most cost-effective maintenance schedule possible.

Finding a Reliable Commercial Roofer

IT ALL BEGINS AT THE HIRING STAGE. Ensuring that your commercial property has the best quality and reliable roof involves finding and hiring the right commercial roofer.

If you own a business establishment, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to work with a reliable commercial roofer. Although there are plenty of commercial roofers in the industry, finding one that you can trust can sometimes be quite challenging.

Suppose you’re still in your commercial establishment’s design and planning phase. In that case, you won’t likely need to decide which commercial roofing company to hire, as your construction management firm will be responsible for contractors for the project. However, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the commercial roofing company tapped for the job so you can have a candidate who will maintain and repair your roof when the need arises.

If you’re starting your search from scratch, ensure that the candidate provides a detailed, written estimate of the services they can offer you and your property. This will help you assess if the commercial roofer will be able to take care of your needs, on top of ensuring other requisites like having the necessary licenses to operate, lots of years of experience in the industry, and insurance coverage to protect you against liability should anything untoward happen during a job.

Whenever possible, have a commercial roofing company provide you with a list of their past projects and take the time to call several of those old customers so you can hear for yourself how the commercial roofer you’re interested in performs. Don’t just rely on quotations to gauge your abilities. Look for satisfied old customers; their excellent experience is a sign that your own satisfaction can be ensured.

Lastly, you must work with a commercial roofing company instead of just relying on them to do their job. While you’re not doing any of the tasks yourself, you can still actively care for your roof by knowing what goes into proper roofing maintenance and keeping records of all work done on your roof. This way, you’ll know if your roofer is providing you the service you expect.


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Wendy Wygle is a Northeastern State University alumnae and is now connected with Above It All Roofing and Construction Inc as its PR/Marketing Manager.

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