4 Ways to Prepare Ahead of Time for Next Season’s Landscaping

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When the winter season ends it’s time to get your yard ready for the arrival of spring and summer. There are important things you should do to get your yard off to a good start. Keep reading to find out 4 ways to prepare ahead of time for next season’s landscaping.

Prepare your Yard for the New Season

HGTV informs homeowners about the importance of preparing their yards for the growing season. For example, you can easily find a professional to help trim your trees by doing a simple internet search for “tree trimming in Winchester, VA“. Once you have secured a professional to trim your trees, you must clear your yard of sticks, twigs, acorns, fallen tree branches, and leaves.  Once your property is clear, you can start to prepare your soil. Till the soil and replace nutrients that were stripped away during the winter months. You can also buy fresh dirt from a landscape supplies store to mix into the ground. After you get the dirt mixed in you can then fill up holes and bare patches. Soil preparation will help tremendously with growing plant life.

Steps you Should Take for Growing Plants

Planting and growing plant life is the most important aspect of landscaping. Without plants and other forms of greenery, a landscape wouldn’t look the same. You will have to find out your location’s planting cycle. This is called a hardiness zone. Most hardiness zones require homeowners to plant their seeds between April and early June. However, people living in select parts of the country can plant early in late March or very late in the season in July. Once you figure hardiness zone for your location, you should be able to plant and grow your greenery with few problems.

Aerate the Soil and Improve your Yard’s Appearance

You can prepare the soil in your yard and it still might not be ready to grow plants. Homeowners, you might need to aerate your soil. Aeration is a process where you add more nutrients, allow for greater airflow or infuse more water into your soil. An aerating machine is used for this process. The machine makes special holes or plugs in your yard. Once you make the holes (or plugs) your yard will be improved significantly.

Prune your Yard

You should also prune your trees and bushes. Pruning removes old, dead, or diseased branches. It helps to get your growing trees and bushes prepared to grow during the spring and summer. Pruning also deters pests and it helps trees and shrubs to grow in the best way possible.

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