4 Reasons Why You Should Study Cybersecurity

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The influx of internet users and the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry has led to increased security breaches in the digital space. Companies have recently experienced several cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. High-profile cybersecurity attacks like Colonial Pipeline, Solar Winds, WannaCry, and others have disrupted work and left online users perplexed. These security attacks unveiled the scope of looming threats to the economy and governance. Stakes are high for businesses of all sizes. 

According to statistics, cyber attackers can breach 93% of organizations’ networks and compromise local network resources. It encouraged several public agencies and private businesses to pay heed to the security of their IT systems. 

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour. Everyone interested in safeguarding digital assets must consider becoming familiar with them. Read on to learn reasons why you should study cybersecurity. 

High job security

Cybersecurity is among the fastest-growing industry that offers high job security. With the highly in-demand profession across many industries, cybersecurity professionals have a low risk of losing their job. The robust shift in industries and the need for experts to keep cyber threats at bay played a vital role in providing a stable career path to cyber security professionals. 

Are you still waiting for the right time to kickstart your career as a cybersecurity professional? You can earn an MBA degree in cybersecurity to accelerate your career in any public or private entity. An advanced degree can help you navigate a continuously evolving industry and adjust to a fast-changing job market.

The rise in cyber threats increasing in intensity and frequency created a huge demand for well-qualified cybersecurity professionals. According to the BLS, the information security analyst position is estimated to grow 35% by 2030, which is higher than other professions on average. It entails job security for cybersecurity professionals in the coming years. 

Rewarding career path 

Cybersecurity offers a rewarding career in terms of both personal and professional capacity. Working as a cybersecurity expert in a government agency gives you opportunities to safeguard national interests from foreign threats. Moreover, you make a difference in society by playing a crucial role in limiting the harmful effects of security breaches in the cyber landscape. It is impossible to secure under-threat systems and networks to provide foolproof security from cybercriminals. However, your job makes you a hero who fights cyber criminals and prevents online threats. 

The potential to earn a high salary with personal contentment comes with a cybersecurity career path. Highly skilled experts can earn an average salary of $234,025 per year in the United States. Entry-level positions also have higher earning potential than other IT-related jobs. 

Wide range of career options with an above-average growth 

As a cybersecurity graduate, you have a high chance of landing a job with many career opportunities. Cybersecurity offers jobs from internships to director level based on level of education and experience. However, at least a master’s degree is required to pursue senior-level careers. The right education and practical experience can boost your career across public and private sectors in every state. 

Some of the highly rewarding cybersecurity jobs are mentioned below:

  • A cybersecurity analyst or information security analyst is responsible for planning and implementing security measures to protect computer networks and systems within an organization. 
  • Penetration testers identify vulnerabilities in the systems and policies that can give potential benefits to cyber criminals. 
  • Security auditors audit online security systems and generate comprehensive reports outlining both strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems. 
  • A cybersecurity architect is a senior-level professional responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining an entire security infrastructure within an organization. 
  • Cybersecurity consultants work as independent contractors who provide personalized solutions to companies to protect data, networks, and systems at risk of security threats. 

You can also become a cybersecurity engineer, cybercrime investigator, or cybersecurity manager to contribute to the ever-expanding field. 

Stimulating job nature 

If you’re eager to learn and always ready to take on challenges, cybersecurity is the right field for you. A career in cybersecurity motivates you to stay updated on current tech and online trends. You learn about the tactics cybercriminals use to hack data from companies. You can expect to retrieve data from a phishing attack one day and protect data from a ransomware attack another day. 

This industry is burgeoning in nature, providing new developments and insights daily. You need to keep up with the pace of the industry to cater to the growing cyber breaches. A proactive approach with critical thinking is a prerequisite to excel in this industry. You have to prevent cybersecurity attacks and mitigate security risks requiring critical thinking and technical skills. Many employers prefer to hire cybersecurity professionals who are well-versed in the latest cyber techniques and safeguard the systems by identifying the previous patterns of cyber threats.  


Cybersecurity provides growth potential with financial perks and a rewarding job outlook. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing, and salaries are higher than the national average, making it a lucrative career choice. However, you need to obtain relevant education and polish your skills to become a part of this thriving industry. You can pursue a highly rewarding career by acquiring higher education in cybersecurity. A higher education degree brings more opportunities your way, so upskill yourself now. 

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