Why Should a Business Use Windows Server?

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While they look similar, Windows Server and regular Windows are used for different purposes. While consumer-level versions of Windows 10 include features, server editions don’t. Instead, these OSes have tools and software for business use. They also come with more powerful hardware than your home computer.

What is a Server?

A server is a highly powerful machine designed to run continuously to provide resources for other computers. Servers are primarily used for business purposes, and Microsoft’s Windows Server line of operating systems is specifically designed for use on servers. The Windows Server line of operating systems resembles home editions of the software graphically but comes with tools that IT administrators need for running server-focused applications and services. It also includes features not found on the consumer versions of Windows, including a command prompt and specialized monitoring functions.

Previous versions of Windows Server have focused on improving stability, security and networking capabilities. In addition, Microsoft has created specialized OS versions that target specific businesses or use cases. For example, the Windows Server version specializing in data center operations is known as Windows Server Datacenter. This OS is optimized for the performance requirements of data centers, offering superior scalability and availability. It also allows a virtually unlimited connection, essential for large organizations. Other specialized versions of the OS cater to small or medium-sized businesses, including a Windows 10 pro license. Microsoft has also introduced a new purchasing model for its Windows Server product lines, offering faster release times in exchange for longer support contracts.

How can a Server Help My Business?

As a business leader, you want your employees and clients to access their needed information securely. Whether you’re storing files on your server or using cloud storage, Microsoft’s Windows Server can protect your data with advanced security features. Aside from protecting your sensitive information, Windows Server offers many other advantages to businesses. From remote desktop services to cloud integration, a server can help you save money and improve productivity in your office. For those who don’t have extensive technical knowledge, setting up a Windows Server can be challenging without an IT team. However, thanks to built-in security features and an easy-to-use user interface similar to a standard Windows PC version, a server running this operating system can help business leaders with limited tech experience. The latest versions of Windows Server also offer a variety of other new features. It includes support for containers and mini-virtualized environments for applications that can be moved to different servers and scaled up as a business grows. Additionally, the new Server Core feature allows a more minimal operating system that appeals to systems administrators who prefer command-line access.

In addition, the latest versions of Windows Server have a longer life cycle than previous editions. Generally, a release will stay in the mainstream for five years before entering extended support for another five years. It gives your business more time to implement changes without worrying about the impact on production systems.

What are the Benefits of Using a Server?

Windows Server is a reliable operating system that provides organizations the tools to manage their networks. It has a wide range of features and capabilities that can help businesses of any size. In addition to its many business-friendly features, Windows Server offers a secure platform that protects data from outside threats. Since it’s designed specifically for servers, Windows Server includes several tools and software you won’t find in home editions of Windows. For example, it comes with Active Directory and DHCP, key business services for handling user authentication and address assignment.

Additionally, it offers more powerful hardware than its consumer-grade counterparts. For instance, it can support up to 2TB of RAM, more than you’d find on most personal computers. It also supports multiple CPU sockets, allowing it to run more processors and cores simultaneously. Finally, Windows Server is compatible with many popular business-centric applications, services and programs. It allows it to offer a seamless Microsoft experience that can reduce the amount of time and effort IT teams need to spend on routine tasks. It can be particularly useful for small companies requiring more resources or budget to maintain a full IT team. Additionally, using a single operating system across all devices can improve compatibility and reduce the chances of incompatible files or other errors that can hamper productivity.

How Can I Use a Server?

A server is used to store files and host applications. It is usually more powerful than a desktop computer and can handle higher traffic. Any business size may benefit from a Windows Server since it offers cutting-edge security tools to protect data. Additionally, it can be used to run business-critical applications such as email and a CRM solution. Microsoft also provides customer support to help with any issues that may arise. You can install Windows Server as an on-site physical server or a cloud service, depending on your business needs. You can also purchase or rent a server from a managed IT services provider. Windows servers are often the choice for businesses with limited IT staff as they have user-friendly GUIs that look similar to home versions of Windows and can be configured and installed easily. Companies with sensitive information might find Windows servers a good fit because of their improved security features. Still, any business needs to take additional steps to improve cybersecurity rather than solely relying on built-in security measures. One major advantage of Windows Server is its full-fledged customer support, which can be a big boon for smaller businesses without their IT teams. It can save time and money by avoiding hiring outside consultants. Another bonus is that it’s easy to integrate with other Microsoft products. 

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