How Much Can a Solar Power System Add to the Value of Your Home in 2023


The world is moving toward green technology. Every day we learn more and more about the great advantages of solar power systems. You can save the climate and gain benefits by powering your home with high-performing green technology. Nowadays, most homeowners try to increase the value of their real estate by using eco-friendly tools. The solar power system is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. If you are a property investor, a solar power system on your property will guarantee you a large number of applicants.

What Is a Solar Power System

Solar technology uses sunlight as its energy source. You can use solar energy to power your house with natural light and a natural source of power. Therefore, by using solar energy, you will be saving money while saving the ecosystem of our planet.

You can save the world from terrifying climate change by using green technology. The solar power system is good for your health as well as for your home. Solar panels are placed on the roofs of houses. Although you might find it unlikely, solar power can be produced in less sunny
spots of the world like in the UK, even when it’s cloudy most of the time.

Why Is Solar Power Good for the Ecosystem

The solar power system is a renewable source of energy, it allows users to reduce the usage of gas emissions to a minimum. Therefore, it plays an important part in protecting our health and planet.

How Does the Solar Power System Increase the Value of my Home

2023 is the year for making our planet green. As we can see younger generations are actively involved in the fight against climate change. Therefore, a lot of first-time home buyers or first-time renters are trying to find homes that are good for our planet. First-time renters and homebuyers are usually Gen Z and Millennials. These are the generations that are likely to suffer the consequences of gas emissions and lack of fresh air. So, property managers should expect potential tenants to try to find eco-friendly homes.

Moreover, tenants have to pay rent and utilities, so it’s no surprise that they would like to move to a house that lets them save on bills. Solar power system lets you tighten your budget and save a lot of money in the long term. You will be glad you chose a solar power system when the energy bill comes. Especially nowadays, solar power has become the most popular energy source for UK homebuyers. Therefore, you need to be ready to meet the expectations of buyers and stand up to the competition.

How Much Does a Solar Power System Increase Home Value

Research shows that around the UK, solar power systems increase house prices by 14% on average. Depending on your place of residence, the housing price can change differently.

  • London – Solar Power adds around £90, 000 to the average property value
  • Bristol – Solar Power adds around £45,142 to the average property value
  • Edinburgh- Solar Power adds around £40,095 to the average property value
  • Leicester – Solar Power adds around £31,577 to the average property value
  • Manchester – Solar Power adds around £29,278 to the average property value
  • Sheffield – Solar Power adds around £29,096 to the average property value
  • Liverpool – Solar Power adds around £23,384 to the average property value

Although these numbers seem significantly different from each other, the percentage depending on the average pricing in each region is not much different. Homeowners need to consider the fact that most people are already setting their minds on either adding solar power to their homes or purchasing homes that already have a solar power system installed.


To conclude, solar power systems can increase the value of your home as real estate is to be sold at a great price. As for rent prices, the solar power system gives you a chance to rise above the competition.

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