Spring Clean: Tips For Easily Dejunking Your Life

Spring cleaning can be much more than simply scrubbing the house from top to bottom. It is also an excellent time to de-clutter the home. There are probably many items around your home that you aren’t using and someone else could benefit from owning or using. Going through the clutter is a great way to free up your life and help someone else out along the way.


Start With The Closets

Closets certainly hold the most junk in the home because they are the easiest places for homeowners to store unnecessary items that they rarely use. From clothes closets to linen closets, homeowners can quickly purge items that they have not used within the past year. Other than the rare special memento, consider purging clothes that no longer fit. For linen closets, get rid of towels that have lost their matches as well as those that are stained or spotted. Be sure to get rid of stretched out hats and gloves in the clothes closet as well as worn out shoes that cannot be repaired.


Organize The Office

The office is a classic place for collecting paper clutter. Homeowners must consider what they can safely get rid of without hindering their futures. Homeowners should safely stow their social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills and similar documents in a fireproof file forever. In addition, they should keep tax records and receipts and home purchase documents for seven years and pay stubs and bank records for one year. Any other papers that may contain sensitive information but are no longer needed should be shredded.


Remember The Garage

Just because it might not be getting the deep spring cleaning is no reason to forget the garage. Find safe ways that the local community allows disposal of such things as used chemicals, paint, oil, tires and fluorescent bulbs, all of which have a habit of cropping up here. In addition, homeowners who are storing non-working cars in their garages can free up plenty of space by selling it to businesses like U Pull & Pay.


Once homeowners clear out their closets, office and garages of unneeded junk, they will discover that they have freedom to use the space to fit their lives. An organized space is a happy one. By doing this every year, homeowners can find peace and contentment in their most precious possessions.

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