Mobile Apps New Drivers Should Get

Starting to drive for the first time can be exciting but also quite scary and for parents of new drivers, it can be a worrying time, not knowing if their children are going to drive responsibly or fall into bad habits through peer pressure.

These days, cars and tech have advanced. Fortunately, our smartphones can become a new driver’s best friend with plenty of apps out there to help, support and guide new drivers through their learning journey. And for the parents of new drivers, there are apps to help monitor new driver behavior, which is particularly useful for teenagers who like to sneak out without permission.

Here is a list of smart mobile apps which are unmissable for new drivers:

  1. The Google Maps App

New drivers don’t need sat nav systems anymore if they have the Google Maps app on their phone. It gives real-time information and can show the quickest route taking into account traffic and road closures.

  1. The AT&T Drive Mode App

This free app comes on as soon as the car starts moving and it works by silencing text messages and automatically replies to them, freeing up the driver from the temptation to check their phone at the wheel. If the driver turns it off, it sends an alert to the parents.

  1. The Canary App

Perfect for parents, this app will notify you if your young new driver attempts to use their phone while driving. It can also be set up to send alerts if the speed limit is breached and can even set curfews for them to be home by, letting you know if they don’t make the trip home in time.

  1. The Find My Car App

New drivers will no doubt find this app incredibly useful if you forget where you might have parked your car – this app means you can save the location before you leave the car meaning you can find it again from wherever you are. It will even direct you on foot to get back to your vehicle.

  1. The what-gas App

This is a great app which can tell you where to find the cheapest fuel for your car – it provides a map to direct you to all the local stations comparing prices and directing you straight there. You can also add in new petrol stations to help other drivers.

  1. The Drive Alive Lite App

This one rewards your teenager every time they drive without using their phone, allowing them to earn money and discounts off products every time they ignore their phone while at the wheel.

  1. The Hum App

This is a great app for giving parents peace of mind as it will always show you where your young driver is, and how they are driving. It can be used to set up boundary alerts if your teen tries to go somewhere they shouldn’t, as well as telling you their speed.

For added safety, particularly with used cars, this app can also provide diagnostic information about the car and can call for roadside help in the case of a breakdown or accident.

  1. The iOnRoad Smart Driver App

This app features some great safety features and can even be set up to help reduce the risk of a collision by issuing warnings if cars are too close and if a crash is potentially imminent, helping the driver take action.

  1. The Just Park App

This great app helps you find the best parking space as well as letting you know all the prices for parking near to your location. It makes it much easier to find a space-saving you from hours driving around and around town.

  1. The Autobutler App

The Autobutler helps you to find a local garage near to where you live, directing you so if your car is in trouble and you need to get to a mechanic fast, this app could be just the thing – perfect for a new driver who might not be too confident about fixing cars themselves.

  1. The Aviva Drive App

This app helps you to put your driving skills to the test as it monitors all of your actions and gives you scores out of ten. As a new driver using an app like this could reduce your insurance premiums as well as encouraging better driving skills.

As a new driver, there are many mobile apps to help encourage good driving and make life on the road a little easier. Our list covers just some of the apps which are available so make sure your smartphone is working for you as a new driver by downloading all of the apps which might be useful before you set off behind the wheel.

From improving safety, lowering insurance costs and guiding you to your destination there is no limit to how apps can help improve the new driving experience.

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