Captain Marvel SteelBook Exclusively at Best Buy

The Captain Marvel SteelBook is a must-have for any MCU fan. Just like all the other collectible SteelBooks, this special edition Captain Marvel is only available at Best Buy. So while you’re out there scavenging for all things collectible for Captain Marvel, make sure your entertainment falls into that category. A movie as epic as Captain Marvel certainly deserves packaging that is equally amazing. 

A MARVELous Collectible 

This collectible edition of Captain Marvel comes in the SteelBook we’ve all come to know and love, which means it has exclusive, custom box art that you can’t find anywhere else except Best Buy. That makes for a great opportunity to show off your love for collectibles and for one of the most iconic figures in Marvel Comics history. 

Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel as she works to police the galaxy, uncover her past, and save the planet from a looming alien war on Earth. Here’s the official boilerplate. It’s a double espresso shot of girl power with a healthy dose of extra Marvel for good measure. 

Captain Marvel SteelBook exterior

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck this sci-fi action film is the latest offering from the American comic books by Marvel Comics. The narrative follows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), an Air Force pilot who experiences a freak accident that somehow bestows her with alien superpowers, making her Captain Marvel. With time running out, Captain Marvel joins forces with Nick Fury (Samuel.L Jackson), and together they work to save the planet from a looming war between alien races.

Captain Marvel SteelBook interior.

Bring Home Captain Marvel SteelBook Today

The collectible Captain Marvel SteelBook is available at Best Buy right now. With custom art, durable steel construction, and of course, a 4k copy of the film waiting inside; it makes a great collectible for any Marvel lover. It’s only available at Best Buy so head over and snag one for yourself or your Marvel-loving family member pronto. 

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  1. How amazing is this! We are massive Marvel fans and love Captain Marvel so I can see my daughter wanting this to add to her collection.

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