Completing the Garden: 4 Ideas to Help Solidify Your Design

Many people dream of creating a world-class garden, but that type of project is easier said than done. If you want your garden to stand out, then you will need to spend a little extra time planning out some of the key features.

Add a Water Feature

Very few things are going to improve a garden as much as a beautiful water feature. Listening to the sound of running water while you relax in your outdoor getaway is going to be incredibly relaxing, and that type of element will take your garden to the next level. A built-in water feature with buried pipes should last for a very long time with the proper maintenance, but you will need to call 8-1-1 before you dig.

Build a Gazebo

Another great feature that many homeowners add to their gardens is a high-quality gazebo. Instead of building a wood or metal gazebo, you might want to take a look at vinyl gazebo kits. Those kits are very easy to build, and vinyl requires almost no maintenance as long as it is sealed correctly. You can also add a few lights and some seating to your gazebo to create an outdoor space for entertaining.

Install Lighting

If you plan on enjoying your garden at night, then you must have some type of lighting. Luckily, there are many different types of outdoor lights to choose from. At the very least, you should consider adding a few solar lights along any pathways. Those lights will automatically turn on as soon as the sun goes down, and they don’t require any electrical lines. Fairy lights are very popular as well, and many people hang those lines from their trees and patio covers.

Make the Garden Functional

Throwing in a few edible plants is going to make your garden functional as well as beautiful. Many fruits and vegetables are very easy to care for, and some of them even have vibrant blossoms that are going to blend in with your other plants. You can also plant herbs like mint and basil to keep pests out of your garden.


Once your garden is fully planned out, you must make sure that you start planting during the right time of the year. It might be tempting to jump right into planting as soon as the design is complete, but that could result in dead plants if the weather isn’t perfect.

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