How Clean Eating Can Boost Your Job Performance

Contributed by Jessica Pyykkonen

What kind of an eater are you? Do you follow a rigorous adherence to the dietary guidelines recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture, or are you more of a go-with-the-flow type of nosher? Turns out, what you eat may be having a direct impact on how you’re doing at work.

Think about it: If you feed your body a whole lot of processed food that may not even be REAL food, your mind, emotions, and physical processes suffer. You don’t feel well, which means you’re not doing well at work. So those donuts might give you an early morning sugar rush, but they aren’t going to fuel a great client presentation.

Your best bet to do better at work is to do better with your food. Stock up on fruits and veggies. Eat whole foods. What else should you do? This graphic explains tips to eat well—and work well.

How Eating Clean Can Help You Excel in Your Career InfoGraphics

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