How Clean Eating Can Boost Your Job Performance

Contributed by Jessica Pyykkonen

What kind of an eater are you? Do you follow a rigorous adherence to the dietary guidelines recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture, or are you more of a go-with-the-flow type of nosher? Turns out, what you eat may be having a direct impact on how you’re doing at work.
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Live a Healthier Life by Simplifying Your Diet

Too often happens that people start paying attention to their health only when they get sick. We are so used to being healthy, that we do nothing to help our bodies keep us that way. We are wrong in the assumption that we are invulnerable, and we should do whatever we can to keep our health for a long time. All good things start with cleaning up (or cleaning out), so a road to a healthy life includes a healthier diet, and there is no better way to keep such a diet than to simplify it.

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